The book of Acts (Lesson 01)

Gospel of Luke (Lesson 02)

Gospel of Mark (Lesson 03)

Gospel of Matthew (Lesson 04)

Gospel of John (Lesson 05)

Philippians (Lesson 06)

Colossians (Lesson 07)

Ephesians(Lesson 08)

Galatians (Lesson 09)

James (Lesson 10)

Hebrews (Lesson 11)

1st Peter (Lesson 12)

2st Peter (Lesson 13)

Epistle of Jude (Lesson 14)

3 Epistles of John (Lesson 15)

1st Thessalonians (Lesson 16)

2nd Thessalonians (Lesson 17)

1st Corinthians (Lession 18)

2nd Corinthians (Lession 19)

2nd Timothy (Lession 21)


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Concerning the studies I recommend to you to read through the respective book in the bible at first. Our manual is the bible. And then to go through one to two pages of the material every day, which implies to also look up and read the given bible scriptures to become thoroughly acquainted with the subject. Another suggestion would be to use this material as one's regular devotion.