Prophetic Words  Received by Pastor Joh.W. Matutis for his congregation in Berlin.


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That is a word from the Lord for you...



Thus says the Lord: Avoid all deceitfulness in thinking or speaking.  Speak only what you really know, what I, the Lord have told you; what My Spirit has clearly shown you.  Confess Me before men; in this way, I will mobilize all heaven for you.



Thus says the Lord: Accept your mistakes and your failures.  You live in My grace.  Do not be ashamed of your weaknesses, because My power is mighty in your weaknesses. My grace is sufficient for you.  Be confident in everything you do, because I Am with you.  I Am your covering.   Do not be afraid.



Thus says the Lord: Learn daily to trust in My strength.  Do not be afraid of your challenges and risks.  Do not be afraid of people.  Count on Me, My interference and My support.  Depend and trust in My promises.  Allow to be lead by My Spirit and carried by My grace.  I will stay with you, even when all others leave.



Thus says the Lord:  Carry the responsibility for your daily actions. If I Am sending you, then I Am surely with you, giving you all you have need of.  If you have Me, you are not empty handed.  The victory and the break-through will happen through Me and My power.  Do not let people confuse you.  Do not listen to weak people nor let them instruct you.



Thus says the Lord:  Stay tightly connected to Me.  I Am your Lord and your supplier.  I will not break My loyalty to you.  I Am standing by My Word.  Stay true to My Word and you will not fail.  I Am blessing your water and your bread.



Thus says the Lord:  Do not worry about your competition.  Do not be jealous or envious.  Do not be deceived by outer appearances.  I look at the heart, at the inner values. Learn to act contrary to your nature,  to overcome with My help.  As close as you are connected to Me, as strong you are in your soul.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not become irresponsible and haughty.  Trust not your own ego.  It will deceive you. Calm down!  MY Spirit is a Spirit of peace and calmness.  Do not get excited about the sins and mistakes of others.  Sometimes I allow for saints to fall to test you, how you react and what you do.  Your words and deeds count with Me and not  the ones of other people.  These are like a mirror for you.  I Am teaching you to be still, learning to trust Me.



Thus says the Lord:   Have a clear goal for your life.  Do not continually adjust your goals, but adhere to them steadfastly, day by day.  Do not try to be someone else.  Copy no-one, be an original!  It is My Spirit that will bring perfection.  Allow Him to work in you, then you will not fall by the wayside.



Thus says the Lord:  Forgive those who owe you and do not constantly think about them.  What you are short of, what was stolen from you and what you miss, you can gain again, by My grace.  It is totally up to you how you run your life.  You simply have to allow for Me to lead you without resistance, to rest in Me, allowing Me to handle it.  I will straighten your affairs.  



Thus says the Lord:  Know that I love you and have you engraved in the palm of My hand.  With Me you cannot be lonely anymore, even when everyone else deserts you.
The lonelier you get, the closer I will stick with You.  I Am the God of the lonely and deserted ones.



Thus says the Lord:  Do not let people trap and oppress you.  Do not so much look for the company of people, but look for the company with Me.  Talk to Me much and about everything that bothers you or gives you a hard time.  With My help you will overcome all mountain-tops in your life.



Thus says the Lord:  If you will serve Me and listen to Me, streams of “living water” will flow out of you.  People will be drawn to you and you will be able to give to them what they need.  You will be a blessing to them.  You will have the perfect word at the right time and those who want to give-up, will be strengthened and lifted up.



Thus says the Lord:  Do not drink out of every spring or pond.  I, Myself want to give you clean and clear “Living Water”. I, Myself want to quench your thirst by My inspired and anointed Words.  I will bless the humble; the proud I will resist.  The conceited walks blindly past My blessings, never having noticed anything.  Be careful who you are traveling with and who tries to attach himself to you.



Thus says the Lord:  Your beauty is not in the outer things, in your works or your words, but in what My Spirit is allowed to do in you and in your heart.  It all comes down to of how much space you allow Me to occupy.  I want to fulfill your life and to build My throne within you.  Only then you become a useful tool to Me.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not expect for people to love you.  Show them your love, reach out your hand to them.  If you can make them happy, then your situations will change too.  Learn My secret: GIVE and you will be taking.  Never forget: The strongest power on earth is love that is originating from My Spirit.



Thus says the Lord:  It is better not to believe than to believe the wrong thing.  Search for Me and you will live!  Do My Words, what you hear and read.  Be obedient to My voice.  Do not always say No!  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  When the time comes, you will not be judged by your words, but by your deeds.  Believing without works is dead.  I desire to take you out of your valley of doubt and rebellion.  You need to learn to live by My grace alone.



Thus says the Lord:   Enjoy the way I lead you and become reconciled with all men.  Make peace with everyone, as long as it is up to you.  Begin to see and judge  live in a positive way .  Quit being pessimistic.  The doubter receives nothing.  Count on Me, I always have the last word.



Thus says the Lord:  My child, you need strong words for hard times and you will have them when you keep looking for My anointing and My kingdom.  Then everything will come to you.  Changes come by My power.



Thus says the Lord:  My child, do not waste your time and your energy with  side issues, with sins and mistakes of others.  Do not talk about others, rather talk about Me. I have yet to give you so much more.  My riches and blessings are waiting for you.  Do not be discouraged with your weaknesses, your mistakes and the failings of others.  Look away from all that and look at Me, for I Am the beginner and the finisher of your faith. Concentrate on Me, on your strength and talents, only then, everything will be well.



Thus says the Lord:   Be exited about Me.  Do not talk so much about failures and  missteps.  They glorify the enemy.  Stop complaining!  You have given your life over to Me.  Calm down and believe that things will turn out well.  Now I have taken the responsibility over for your life.  That is why you should start to enjoy your new life and to live it out to the upmost.



Thus says the Lord:   My child, you are special to Me.  I have made you as an original.  Stop trying to copy others.  Become aware of My power within you and learn to hear My voice and to do My will.  Nothing happens through power or might.  All you need only happens and is supplied through My Spirit.  



Thus says the Lord:  MY child, take My Word seriously.  If you like it or not, you cannot neutralize it.  They are strong and eternal Words that will never go away.  They will bring about what I have send it out to do. It would be easier to do without bread than My Words.  My Words are sure-hitting arrows.  They have strong results and never fail to hit their mark.  They are working to your advantage.



Thus says the Lord:  My child, know in what you are investing your time and energy.  Do not go after temporal goals.  Do not let currant problems stop you.  Overcome them!  Make them stepping stones for future triumphs.  My power within you makes it possible to even swim against the tide and to even take detours.  At critical times, I will quiet the storms.  Keep standing, My child.



Thus says the Lord:  You are not working in vain, even when you have to cross many valleys.  You are still on the best road.  My hand is leading you.  You are in the middle to become a professional, an over-comer, a holy one.  Do not give in and do not give up.  Tarry with Me and you will receive new strength daily.  It is My will for you to reach your most personal calling and to develop it.  Stay on the road you’ve been traveling.   



Thus says the Lord:  Do not follow other people.  Do not be a follower of men, but follow Me.  Leave other people alone.  Expect nothing from them.  Expect much from yourself.  Ask God for His wisdom.   His wisdom is more valuable than all the riches of this world.   Ask Me and I will teach you My ways.  My ways are good for you and only the one who understands it has My Spirit and is lead by My Spirit.  



Thus says the Lord:  My child, calm down and do not upset yourself about the godless and hypocrites.  Put away from yourself all exuberance and arrogance.  Become  still and merciful in My sight.  Stay within the framework of My directions and ordinances. Stay consequent with your own guidelines.  What you expect of others, apply also for yourself.  Become a blessing for your surroundings, not just a receiver and taker.



Thus says the Lord:   My child, when you are looking for more in your life, come directly to Me, the source, the cause and originator of all things.  Here bubbles true life, here you can get anything you need.  I gladly give you more than enough.  But you have to personally come to Me and ask Me directly.



Thus says the Lord:   My child, when you have found Me, you do not have to keep looking.  In Me you will find everything you need.  I will answer all of your questions.  In My Word,( the bible), you get the direction and road-map for your life.  Follow My suggestions.  Stop running around like a headless chicken, when I, the Lord, stand in front of you and say: Come to Me, I will give you food for your soul.  



Thus says the Lord:  My child, you only harvest what you sow.  Your own words can justify or condemn you.  That which is in your heart, you always speak.  Clean your heart from all the negative, speaking in someone’s back, or pessimism.  Live a life of forgiveness.  Forgive your fellow man from your whole heart.  Do not remind yourself of the old stories.  Stop talking about it.  What I have cleansed, do not call unclean anymore.



Thus says the Lord:    My hand desires to lead you to give you safety.  Ask Me for advise in your decisions.  Listen to your inner voice and My Word.  My sheep hear My voice and I can direct them.  Before you, are critical and insurmountable hindrances.  In your power alone, you cannot handle them.  But I will gladly help you with them, but I want to be asked.  I will not force Myself upon anybody.



Thus says the Lord:   My child, the greatest power in the Universe is love, My love.  With this love I have loved you and I will make this love available to you to be able to love the most difficult ones.  Learn the life of love and in it, discover the power of love.  Through the Holy Spirit I pour out My love into your heart.



Thus says the Lord:  Do not just be a listener without acting, but become a doer of My Words.  Do what you have recognized; do not just concentrate on accumulating more theoretical knowledge, but start with that which you already know, to have solutions for your own problems and to serve others.  You will continue to learn more from Me, from My Spirit, while you are acting in My name.



Thus says the Lord:   My child, be open for needed course corrections.  No one has arrived at the goal yet.  Everyone who is walking could get off the road.  A good traveler will always reorient himself along the way, making sure to still be on the right road.  Stay loose and flexible.  Never fall for the assumption that you are perfect already.
Do not become a “know it all”.  My grace is given to the humble.



Thus says the Lord:   Learn to handle and live with your emotions like irritation, anger and hurts, not retaliating the bad with bad, but to overcome them with good.  Forget your lost battles, all losses and disappointments.  Only look ahead.  Use your present.  Keep your tongue in control.  Be careful when talking and what you tell whom.  Unthoughtful words can ruin much.  Talk more in the Holy Spirit. (Tongues, languages)



Thus says the Lord:   Warn your acquaintances and friends, when you see them traveling a wrong and dangerous road or a harmful dead end.  If they are willing to listen to you is up to them now.  Then pray for them.  Prayer resolves problems better than many words.  When you pray, God works.  Do not be discouraged when many things do not work out as you have wished them to be.  For the fulfillment of your wishes, the time has to be ripe, otherwise you only harvest immature fruit.



Thus says the Lord:  Become an investor.  Invest yourself into permanent and eternal things.  Into people and not into things.  What you have done for one of the least ones, you have done for Me.  Become a sower, for without seed, there will be no harvest.  Sow in times of need, then you will gladly harvest.



Thus says the Lord:  Watch what is happening in and around your house, because this will determine your life away from home.  Live in peace and tranquility at home; have an altar set up for Me in your home, where I can meet with you.  Do not have your time robbed with unimportant things.  Your home should be your high tower and your temple.  Here I want to reveal Myself to you.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not spend much time with people who produce no fruit, and do not want to change and criticize and complain about everything.  There you yourself will become lazy and unproductive.  Do not sit with the godless, nor walk with the sinners.  Find your place at the river of life.  If you stay close to Me, hear and speak encouraging words, lovingly serving others, I will also solve your problems.



Thus says the Lord:  You are important to Me.  Allow Me to personally work on you.  I want to form you in My image.  You are in school with Me.  Learn from Me.  I want you to take on qualities and have them ripen, the ones My Spirit is creating in you.  The coming days and months will shape you and if you will be obedient to Me, you will become a blessing for many others.



Thus says the Lord:   My child, do not allow yourself to be pushed into panic and fear, when you see or hear negative things, or when you are standing before a new beginning.  I still have everything under control.  Approach your challenges boldly.  Be ready to do things you have never done before.  Take up  the opportunities that will give you new experiences, because the life I Am giving you is called:  “ learning .”



Thus says the Lord:    Speak what you think, live the way I lead you and do what  your heart and My Spirit within you are saying to you.  Stay away from all negative.   Hear My Words and do them.  Become a doer of My Word.  Your deeds count before Me, even when they are small and inconspicuous.  Eternal rewards are awaiting you.  


Thus says the Lord:    Know yourself!  Know your weaknesses and mistakes. Do not play-act anything you are not.  Be yourself and live your life the same way.  Accept things the way they are and simply trust Me.   I will make things right.  It is My hand that is leading you and giving you all the things you need.  Stay calm!  Discover your strength and talents and your inner strength.


Thus says the Lord:  Come with Me along a new path, do what you have not done before, than you will have what you have never had before.  Learn with Me to walk on water, standing above your problems, driving right into the storm, to reach the other side. I Am with you and I will not desert you.  Do not fear changes, for I will cover your back.


Thus says the Lord:   Think of Me, when you rise in the morning; think of Me, when you go to sleep.  Your life should be full of Me and not of worry, stress and fear. You can and should depend upon Me in difficult hours.  I will stand with you, even when others turn away from you.  Do not live in the past, but in the present and the future.  Include Me in your plans.  Whatever you do, do it for Me, then your daily labors will be successful.


Thus says the Lord:      Today you are standing at the beginning of a new road.  You will only learn how things will continue, after you decide what you want.  You always make the decisions, for I will do nothing without your personal consent. After you have decided, many questions will be answered as by themself, because your normal logic, which is also from Me, will unravel things, like a roll of yarn.


Thus says the Lord:   My child, decide for that, which is burning in your heart, if you understand it today, or not.  My thoughts and My ways you only understand, when    you are fully submerged in My Spirit and the reality of Me.  Do nothing that is not burning inside of yourself, that I have not started and excited in you.  I have created the desire in you  and I Am  staying with you, all the way to its completion and fulfillment. 


Thus says the Lord:   The problem that is foremost in your mind is the one you should solve first.  Stop to ignore and delay it.  It shouts for consequent and radical action.  Decide to have Me involved and to have it removed and taken care of with My help. You are the one who releases Me with your request, putting Me into action.


Thus says the Lord:   Do not allow to let your cares and troubles suffocate you .  Do not constantly think and breed over your problems.  Sit down, calm yourself and solve  it, step by step, with My help. Do not drop it into someone else’s lap, but give it to Me. Then you will be fully rid of it.  You will only have solved the things, which you have knowingly and consciously given over to Me.


Thus says the Lord:  Become a problem solver and not a problem mover.  Do not allow for Satan to imprison you in your own thoughts, turning them over and over.  The  answer is already included within your problem.  Allow My Spirit to open your eyes to it.
Ask Me , and I will show you how to approach the situation.  Talk more with Me about it, then with other people.  Your help is coming from Me and is already hidden within you.  Find the key for it.


Thus says the Lord:  My child, come into My presence.  Come under My protection.  In Me, you will find the answers to all your live’s questions.  My Word and My Holy Spirit are for you, a real data bank for all information.  With Me is all  the fullness  that you are yet missing.  Just ask Me, and I will give you some more.  I do not want you short-changed in anything.  My wisdom will lead you.


Thus says the Lord:  Recheck your relationship with Me.  There are some areas to improve and to change.  Especially what has not been given over to Me yet.  Things that are not normal yet.  What is not normal is not from Me.  I do not create anything abnormal or unusable.  Everything I do has a reason and that is well and serves for betterment.  Decide fully for My way, there is still time. 


Thus says the Lord:   Do not walk with the complainers and whiners, those who criticize  everything.  They are the ones who make your life hard.  Connect to spirit-filled people, ones who believe and love Me;  the ones who always want your best.  Connect with people who are creative and want to do things.  People who believe in Me and in themselves; ones who are convinced about Me and My Word.  Stay close to the ones who are blessed and you will be blessed too.  Then things will turn around and be better.


Thus says the Lord:  Nobody knows your problems better than yourself.  Allow no one else close to them, for they are all incapable, knowing themselves nothing.  Even when some of them call themselves experts.  I Am the only expert for you.  I have made you.  I know how you can be helped.  Look for Me, listen to Me, obey Me and step by step you will find your answer.  It is already waiting for you.  It is already in you.  Through  My Holy Spirit, you will find the key for it.


Thus says the Lord:  Take time with Me to rethink your life.  Clear-up the uncertain.  Do not burden others with your problems.  Do not keep turning them over in your mind, for this is surly not the way to solve them.  You release them when you consciously give them over to Me and then rest in Me.  Miracles happen only after you come to rest.  As long as you are still in your fleshly stress, believing that you or other people can do something for you, I cannot help you.  I Am waiting for you to come with your problem to Me.

Thus says the Lord:   People are not listening to you and do not understand you, even when they are listening to you.  For your real condition they are blind, deaf and unable to  do anything for you, to give you anything, or help you.  Only I, the Lord, am your doctor, your minister and advisor for your life. Take out time for Me!   Listening to Me makes you healthy and fit.  Listen to My servants, the ones who serve Me, the ones who have a Word from Me, the ones who are My messengers, the ones I have sent. They have something from Me to give you and to say.  All others make things even worse for you.


Thus says the Lord:  The words you are receiving today and ponder in your heart, these words will move in your life, releasing an avalanche of blessings.  All words that come from My mouth, speaking them through My true servants, are like living seeds, germinating in your life and  soon will be carrying fruit.  If you do not like your present time, than look to Me, listen to Me and it will be realigned.  My Words are still bringing wonders today. 


Thus says the Lord:   Whatever you do, do it from your heart or not at all.  Only that, which is from the heart arrives to Me.  I can do without all the other.  I only bless a joyful giver and those who out of love, freely come to me, loving Me with their whole heart. Heart-action counts with Me.  Whatever you do, do it from your heart.  What you speak, do it from the heart.   Think well of everyone in your heart and soon you will have a good harvest.


Thus says the Lord:   You will speak what your heart is filled with.  Your inner thoughts  direct your life and your thoughts direct what you see, hear and with whom you keep company.  Bad pictures, talk and people ruin your life, pull you down.  They only pressure you and load you down.  They steal your peace and take-away your joy.  Look away from them and look at Me and your life will be blessed and happy.  The choice is yours.  Do not be seated where the godless are.


Thus says the Lord:  You should grow above yourself.  My Spirit and My power have been given to you be better than the world and the godless.  To make more out of your life, to reach higher goals.  To rise up and not fall back.  To go forward and not back. To add to the good habits of humankind, to make the best out of your life, with greater accomplishments and the fruit of the Spirit, that will be above the former “old man’s” life.


Thus says the Lord:  Take My Word seriously.  Read My Word!  Study the bible.  I have so much more to tell you.  I want to teach and train you with My Word.  Fill your heart with My Words.  Meditate on them day and night; They will give you strength; they will change your situation and make you a hero. Know, that My Words will not return void.  Read and hold tightly to it, starting today more than ever before.


Thus says the Lord: You envy others and are jealous of them.  You can have all they have and much more, if you put your whole trust in Me.  If you would just start to sow good seed, to become spiritually active, becoming more concerned with your inner life.  The key to a successful life is hidden within you, learn to discover it.


Thus says the Lord:   Utilize what you have in your hands, what I have given you and entrusted you with.  Come with all of your gifts into the kingdom.  Serve other people; encourage other people; speak good things and do good things; do not neglect to think about yourself; what will it profit to gain the whole world and lose your own soul; to ruin yourself and be lost.  Put your life tightly in your hands, allowing only Me to direct you, then everything will be well.


Thus says the Lord:   Draw near to people you can learn something from. Ones that will promote you and help you along.  Ones that will lift up the good things in you and want to serve you.  Separate yourself from those who constantly criticize you, complain about you, or hurt and cut you down.  They are poison for your soul.  Become a friend and promoter to others.  Help those who serve and honestly honor Me. They will qualify your life and bring nothing but blessings.


Thus says the Lord:   What you did for one of the least of My brothers or sisters, you did for Me.  If you have talked negatively about them, you have done the same to Me.  If you have talked well about them, yo have done the same to Me.  If you have gladly served them, then you have done the same for Me.  If you have criticized them, then you have criticized Me.  Find the good sides of My community and My children, then your peace and your joy will grow again.  My Spirit wants to make a positive person out of you.


Thus says the Lord:  You are sad about people who used to be part of your fellowship, but are not anymore.  Do not be sorrowful because of them.  They were with you, but they were not of Me.  They only wanted My blessings; they wanted to profit and were looking only for their advantage.  They were neither honest to Me nor to you.  They neither took Me or you at full face.  I gave them grace. I was good to them.  I gave them many chances to do some good.  They had the chance, but they did not utilize it.  They were trees without fruit.  I had to chop them and remove them out of My garden.  Do not burden your souls with thoughts of them.  Continue to walk your road with Me, leaving them to Me.


Thus says the Lord:  If you love Me, you have to care for Me. I care for you.  If you love me with all of your heart, all of your worries will do nothing for you.  They are only a waste of your time.  Pray to Me and look straight ahead with the confidence that everything will be alright. I Am your shepherd, keeping you on good and healthy ground.  I Am your life insurance.  With Me, you are in safety.


Thus says the Lord:  Do not listen to what people say about you.  I Am the only one with the right to judge and evaluate you.  You should only be interested what I think of you and nothing, or anyone else.  If you stand or fall is only of interest to Me and no one else.  No one has the right to remind you of your past.  I have forgiven you and this counts forever.  I have given you a new life, therefore live it out to the fullest and be not concerned about the Pharisees and “ know it all’s”.  I Am your judge and I judge rightly and perfect.  Allow no one to condemn you.

Thus says the Lord:   I cannot do any more for you, then to love you and to be there for you.  You do not have to earn My love, or to do anything to gain it.  I have taken you the way you were and I Am now working to make the most out of your life.  You have not earned this grace either.  It is My love, My goodness and mercy that will bring you to your goal.


Thus says the Lord:   Do not become tired  seeking Me, to search My Word, to hear My voice and spending quality time with Me.  My Spirit will accompany you along the way.  I desire to do more good for you than ever before.  Simply rest in My presence.  Let no one confuse you.  Be scared of nothing, for all things have to happen.  I have written in My Word about the falling away, therefore do not be alarmed when many will become lazy unresponsive and growing cold, when even the wise virgins fall asleep.  You are living in this end-time; But this time is limited and will also pass. 


Thus says the Lord:    Without love nothing works in this world.  There will be no fulfilled or happy life.  I have poured out My love by the Holy Spirit into the hearts of My children.  I desire that at least My children love one another.  Promote My love in your surrounding!  As long as love rules, so will blessings and My anointing and My presence.  Do not neglect My love!


Thus says the Lord:   So many people rather run after money than love , peace and My presence.  Despite the fact that a life without love will always be empty, no matter how many riches people may accumulate.  My love brings positive and real changes.  Begin to really love and you will be able to get out of your own bottlenecks.  My love cuts through everything, putting things upside down.


Thus says the Lord:  Activate My love in you.  Start loving people you do not like and which do not like you, people that are distasteful to you.  Disarm them with My love.  Forgive them and hold nothing against them anymore.  Do not think negative about them anymore.  If you could just love them the way I love you and them, you would instantly be changed for the better.  With many of the people, whom I brought across your path, you have not talked for a long time.  With the key of love, you are opening for your fellow men the kingdom of heaven.  My love solves all problems. 


Thus says the Lord:  Find out where your talents and abilities really are, and what they are.  Do not keep busy with unnecessary and temporal things.  Become a blessing for your fellow man.  Speak good words, do good deeds.  Overcome evil with good.  Do not allow the evil to discourage you.  The light, the good, the truth, the love and everything else that comes from Me, will always win.  Trust Me, for I Am watching over it. 


Thus says the Lord:  Take My Word to heart, earnestly and fully.  It is My guarantee for your salvation.  My Holy Spirit will fill you and make you exited, wanting to know Me better.It is He, who is leading you out of your valleys, from sadness and timidity, to comfort you and make you happy.  Become full of My Word and My Spirit.  Invest yourself in people and not in things.  My Holy Spirit I give to people, to love and to forgive.


Thus says the Lord:   I Am strengthening your nerves, your soul and your spirit, in order to be able to handle and withstand all challenges coming your way.   My power will be mighty in you.  All you need to live a successful and blessed life, I have placed within you.  My Word will show you the key and open your eyes to My reality.  Than it becomes unimportant what is in your hands, for you will use everything for the betterment and blessing of others. 


Thus says the Lord:   Be encouraged when you go through different tests and trials.  I Am with you in each one.  I will never leave you.  Trust in your abilities; you are able to do more than you give yourself credit for.  Discard your low self-esteem.  In Me, you are now a new creation.  At any time, My power is available to you.  Start living out of My reserves! Start serving others and this will serve you best of all. 


Thus says the Lord:   Do not run away from your own life.  Give yourself a yank, telling your soul where to go -- to the Lord.  Humble yourself before the Lord your Maker, then you will not give up on your own problems.  Actually the opposite, you start getting back in control.  Whoever personally prays will be victorious, overcomes and becomes strong.  Do not wait for others to pray for you.  It is your privilege to talk directly to your Father in heaven, right out of your heart. 


Thus says the Lord: I want to be asked!  Ask Me for wisdom, for special revelations, how and where you can be used and what your abilities are.  Allow love to speak, for faith and hope will stop at some point.  Start to act out of your love for God and your fellow men. Then you will have success and the good will turn toward you.  


Thus says the Lord:  Stay in My house, Stay in My community, stay in the assembly of the holy ones, even when the Devil tells you something else. He is lying!  I have chosen My community, I paid for it.  It is Mine.  I Am working at building My community.  I Am still with them.  As long as I Am staying with it, you may do the same.  As I Am blessing it, so should you bless it.  I Am with the least of My brethren and I do not think bad of them.  If you despise them, you also despise Me.  Live in My peace.  Look for Me, I Am the pure One, Holy One and complete One.  You cannot find more then Me.


Thus says the Lord:  Stay with the truth of My Word and keep busy in it.  Learn from it.  All the problems that have hit you, are good to bring you to maturity and need the practical application of My Word and My will.  You should follow Me in practice and not just theory.  My Word will germinate in you as a seed and it will bring fruit.  Allow it to grow!  You are to grow with My Word, even beyond your old self. 



Thus says the Lord: „Be an overcomer and persevere. Be one that perseveres and endures. I put you there, for you should let your light shine to complete and finalize My work. When you run away for this „throwing in the towel“ My soul will not be pleased. It is not My will that you end up as a loser. Give your best and don’t give up. I come to pick up an overcomer parish, an overcomer army. Participate.“


Thus says the Lord: „Be quiet and at ease. Do not get entangled with mundane and senseless discussions. Talk to Me if you do not clearly understand or bothers you. Be rooted in My Word and do not put yourself out of countenance. My Word should be giving you direction, everything else fades away.“


Thus says the Lord: „Do not stay with the mistakes you’ve made in the past, learn from them. I forgave you your wrongdoings, however not, for you to repeat them. Do not get discouraged over them again. They were all experiences for future days. Do not trust in all people. Learn from your disappointments. When you fall, don’t keep lying there. Get up and continue. Do not give up. The life and the future lies ahead.“


Thus says the Lord: „Gather treasures that are of heaven. Earthly riches wane and disappear. Use your given talents for eternity, use them for others. Exercise on love. Encourage and promote others. When you invest, invest in men and not only in things. Do
not forget about your own well-being – think about yourself. Be good to all men that have been entrusted to you, that you encounter and that belong to you. Always speak from your heart.“


Thus says the Lord: „Live after My Own standards. Ask yourself what counts in God’s eyes, what is important for eternity what endures. Build your house according to My plan and not after the principles of this world. Do not only live according to your own enjoyment  but bring about and realize His thoughts and His will. Be creative. Listen to your inner voice and be guided and warned by it.“

rnen und wieder etwas bewegen. Schau nach vorne und nicht nach hinten.“
Thus says the Lord: „Stop lamenting about yourself. Don’t talk all the times where you’ve been and what had happened to you and how people had harmed you. Start talking about where you’d like to be heading – what I have done for you and what you will expect. Talk about the glorious future you’ll be having with Me and its glory. My Holy Spirit will be blasting your own horizon and pave new ways for you. You shall get to know My creative power and that you’ll be stirring things anew. Look ahead and not back.“


Thus says the Lord: „Decide in favour of Me and for the good. Decide in favour of a fulfilled life. Become filled with My spirit and My Words. Love your fellow men and only speak well of them, then you will also live a good life. Discover the joy in the Holy Spirit. Your heart shall begin to rejoice and sing. Foregive them that had insulted you, that were envious and constantly cause trouble for you. Pray for them and solicit God’s love for them.“


Thus says the Lord: „If you would only strive more to obtain the kingdom of God, you would be receiving much more and even God would work for you. Your prayers would be answered much faster and you would grow much quicker spiritually obtaining your calling. Fulfill the conditions of My Word, trust and obey in it. Consent with Me in all. What is Mine is also yours. All you need to do is to accept My riches and blessings. They already belong to you.“


Thus says the Lord: „Make this year to be a year of victory for you. Decide yourself wholeheartedly in favour for Me and the life. Work together with Me. Use My Words – use the good, the truth and the normal. Fasten yourself tightly to the ground. Do not let yourself get manipulated, worried and instigated by people around you. Stay with what you have realized to be true and for what you have made up your mind and stay with that what your heart wants.“


Thus says the Lord: „Do not let yourself be ruled by your problems and difficulties. They are there that you will get to know My strength and My goodness using these virtues to make the best out of it. Request of My power and assistance and then face your problems courageously. My affirmations and certainties will make you an overcomer. Do not act without My order. Do not go the human way. Trust in My spirit that dwells in you. Count increasingly in Me and My strength. Overcomers live a supernatural life.“


Thus says the Lord: „Take My Word for it. Even if you do not understand or explain everything at once. Only do the things that you understand – the other things let them lay there. When the time comes you will become clear to that fact. Wait for My time to come. Be patient and still when things turn out to be completely different as you expected. Trust in Me that I do not give you wrong things. As you father I only want the best for you. Deviations will lead Me to the goal. Give thanks for everything. Hence, you will experience and understand everything.“


Thus says the Lord: „I will not abandon the trustworthy. Nothing is in vain with Me. Live your life after my rules. Take all the hours as they come along even if they sometimes are tough. My power adjusts as the situation arises. I am putting a burden on you, but in turn I help you carry it. I will never put too much on you. In all things try to please and serve Me and everything’s turning out well. You can count on Me, always.“


Thus says the Lord: „You shall be My witness, you shals fulfill Me and live Me up through your life. People look at you and watch your doings. Your life with Me is a lesson for them. By your doings they witness My grace and strength. They won’t tell you but through your example they will gain faith in Me. Your love, your attitude and your encouraging words will be a turning point.“

Thus says the Lord: „Do not pull the yoke alongside the unbeliever. Not all your friends are Mine as well. The ones that pretend to be your friends are not always your friends in reality. They use and flatter you. There will come a time when they act like a Judas and betray you. Always hang on with My people, My children who are humble and love Me only.I have seen the sadness of your heart. I will grant you My joy and angels will serve you.“


Thus says the Lord: „It is important that you concentrate conscientiously on the good, the noble and truthfulness. Do not believe everything you see. Start learning to see what is behind the facades. Not everything that sparkles is gold. Stay with the humble, the simple and the modest people in life. Do not be fooled by men. Always test whether it is by Me or not. Watch it carefully. Do not condemn or judge somebody right away. Be patient with your decisions. A lot of things settle themselves and I will confirm it. All in good time.“


Thus says the Lord: „Do not ever leave My house, My parish, My peoples. Do not insult My children and servants. None of them is without fault, they all live off of my grace. Judge not, that you won’t be judged. Be always a dependent of Me. Be patient will them all and let them grow and become rife over time. I am the one that leadest them – they are all in My hand and works of My hands. Make life easy for them and pray for them. Their needs is the „stuff“ of your prayers. And when they will be blessed by you, in turn, you will benefit through them.“


Thus says the Lord: „Stop lamenting about yourself. Do not always talk about where you were and what happened to you what others have done to hurt you. Instead, start talking where you want to go, what I have done for you and what you can expect. Start talking about the glorified future with Me and its glory. My Holy Spirit wants to expand (explode) your horizon and guide you in new ways. You shall gain knowledge of My creative power and turn this into acts. Look ahead and not backwards.“


Thus says the Lord: „Be prepared to let go of things that you cannot hold in the first place. Rid yourself of all your persuasions, of your negative thinking and talking. Do not let the evil ways roam within you. Open yourself to receive My Word and My Spirit. Listen to encouraging messages. Live a life of love. Love them all that cross your paths. And when they move on then let them go. They were your guests and do not run after them. When you reclaim them they will only get you in trouble and become burdensome. As long as you stick to someone or something, I cannot give you a new or a better thing.“


Thus says the Lord: „What you sow you will reap, it is said. When you want something you will first have to invest, you will have to give and serve. After that you will receive. Make good seeds of the little things that are given to you. Sow in the times of need and you will reap abundantly. Do something that is a real effort for you to do, that is a sacrifice. Obey My voice in you. Your obeying Me will trigger an avalanche of blessings.“


Thus says the Lord“ „Your weeknesses, your inabilities and your misery is blessed by Me. I am the great enhancer and your biggest helper. You can totally rely on Me. You do not have to be a hero and to prove oneself. I know you inside and out. I have adopted you as My child and therefore you are mine. You only have to please and obey Me and no one else.“



MY hand is leading  you.  Walk with Me.  Do not be afraid.  All the highs and lows will bring you closer to the goal, says the Lord.  The more thankful you are, the more I will give you.  Do not look at your shortcomings but rather at MY fullness. I still have much to give you.  Know this my child: You and your family are solidly in My hand.  Everything is in My control.  In each coming situation I AM with you.  Do not be frustrated, for I ( Myself) Am your future.



Thus says the Lord:  I have called you by your name.  I cause all things.  Nothing happens without My will.  I only desire your best.  The table is set for you.  You only have to sit down and enjoy My fullness.  Calm down and begin to  live in My grace.  I Am taking care of your well-being.  I Am with you at every step.  Simply go along with My actions and everything will work-out well.  Trust in Me, even when you may not fully understand everything at the time.  I the Lord keep the overview in your life and direct your steps.  Fear not.



Thus says the Lord:  I see you and your heavy load.  Stick close to Me and trust Me and I will not allow them to crush you.  My child: I desire to intervene in your life and calm your storms.  MY Spirit will comfort, encourage  and lead you.  I will enable you to accept all and make the best out of it.  With Me and My Spirit you will master all upcoming crisis.  With ME you will overcome all.  With ME you will triumph, being lifted-up to  life in a new dimensions.  I will strengthen you.



Thus says the Lord: My child, I knew you from the beginning. I have heard and seen everything and never took My eyes off you.  I have a plan with your life.  I want to bring you to My goal and to lift you to My hights.  In My presence  you shall grow and begin to bloom.  With Me you shall survive all upheavals.  Rest in My hands and trust Me.  I am taking you firmly by My hand to lead you.  With Me you will reach your goals.  In Me, your wounds will heal.  In Me you will have peace.  With Me you gain new strength.  With Me your soul comes to rest and in Me your base-confidence will return.  I want to teach, inspire and motivate you.  You have to be able to hear My voice.  My Word will keep you  and be a light to you in the darkest hours.  Do not forget My Words, for you will need them more than water and bread.  Stay close to ME.  Remain near My blessed ones and you will also be blessed.



Thus says the Lord: My child, long enough you have been walking in circles, have taken losses, have been disappointed and wounded.  Forget your past!  Separate yourself from it.  From now on, look only to Me!  I Am your source for everything.  With Me you will find everything you need.  I will fill your emptiness and losses with My fullness, reward you richly.  Whenever you lack things, do not talk to people, talk to ME.  I Am holding the key to your life.  I will turn everything to good.  Remind  yourself heart that all things are possible for ME.  



Thus says the Lord: Do not believe every spirit.  Do not trust every human being; do not be so gullible.  Concentrate on ME.  Hand me the things you cannot handle, the ones that burden you.  Stay calm, for I Am still with you.  I am showing you My road: step by step I Am leading you.  I always have a way-out for you.  You just have to listen closely to Me and to learn  My ways.  All things you need daily, and just at the perfect time.  With Me you can handle all changes of life, master the worst situations, coming out of every storm strengthened and refreshed.  Stay humble in My presence and dependent upon ME.



Thus says the Lord:  Everything in this world is temporal, nothing is permanent.  But what I work in you and around you is eternal.   My child, I always work hidden and in the background.  Do not worry so much about the visible  things of the world, they are earthen and exist only for a limited time.  Whatever comes your way, stick close to Me.  Put it back into My hands when it becomes too heavy for you.  I want to make things well for you and turn them for your best.  I Am the One who brings your life to its completion and trust Me.  In time you will understand and thank Me for it.  I Am only thinking well  of you.       



Thus says the Lord: Seek first and foremost the Kingdom of heaven, to the spiritual and eternal.  Everything in this world will pass away; only what you have done with your soul will remain.  I want to fill you with My Spirit, My power, My peace and My love.  Live from My Word and My fullness.  Everything else will leave you disappointed, discouraged and empty.  Live with My grace.  You have to prove nothing to anybody, not even to Me.  Forgive completely.  Do not bather about mistakes others make.  Leave it to Me.   I will straiten-out what needs to be straitened-out.  Do not try defend yourself, for I Am your defense.



Thus says the Lord:  Wait for My action and My hour.  When the time is right, the healing will come.  When all the other things are fulfilled that I have to do first, the wonders will happen that you have been looking for.  Trust Me and do not worry; do not allow others to pressure and pursue  you.  My power is mighty in your weak things.  More is happening in you than you will  ever be aware of.  I work in the quiet and hidden things.  I do not just want to bless you, but through you many others.  You shall be the proof of My grace and goodness.  I will do everything right.



Thus says the Lord:  Do not be afraid, no matter what comes toward you.  Everything has to first pass by ME and be approved by Me.  Fear nothing for I AM with you.  Depending on Me you will overcome everything and all will turn into good.  I have only good thoughts of you.  Turn fully toward Me.  Start living the good life I have ordained for you.  Keep drawing strength from MY Word.



Thus says the Lord:  Do not allow to be pulled away from Me.  Without Me you can do nothing.  Read My Word.  Talk with Me and about Me.  Do not listen what others say about yourself and others.  Only what I think should be important to you.  Stick with Me and I will stick with you.  Through My Word and by My Spirit My supernatural power can be fully expressed in you and you will easily overcome all your challenges.   Do not over-analyze everything and discuss things less.  Simply stay in My presence.  Allow My Spirit to lead you.  Do not let people direct you.  You should only be, have and do, what I choose to give you.



Thus says the Lord:   Spend more time with Me for there is much I want to tell you and give you.  Do not waste your precious time with temporal and senseless things.  Produce eternal fruit, something permanent.  Allow My Spirit to work through you.  Allow My Word to speak to you  and walk along My path.  Do not depend so much on your dreams and what others are telling you, rather depend on I Am personally letting you know
from My Word.  Let us work together.  Stay close to My anointed ones and by this be blessed yourself.  Do not be jumpy and easily changeable.  Rest in ME.  My timing works differently.  I Myself direct all the details in your life and also the fitting results.  I AM your Father, who loves you.



Thus says the Lord:    I see your desires and your needs.  I also know your weaknesses and your helplessness.  Remain still and quiet.  I will take care of you; I Am doing it.  Everything is coming from Me and will be well and the end.  Your wishes will be fulfilled in time.  Do not try to force things.  Wait for My timing, for everything you need will be coming when you are ready for it. Trust in My grace; it is enough for you too.  Begin to enjoy the small moments in your life and start to speak well about yourself and your loved-ones.  Damn noone.  Don’t put blame on anyone.  Do not be afraid of anyone, because I Am with you.  That should be enough for you.



Thus says the Lord:   You are here to direct the course of your life.  You yourself control how it will continue with you.  Do not expect the help of other people, but start to help yourself.  Do the best you are able to.  I will accomplish the rest Myself.  Stay true to Me.  Listen to My Word and what I speak to you through My Spirit and then do it.  Make your decisions and then stick with them.  Learn to know who and what motivates you, or who is talking to you.  Learn do differentiate the voice of the spirits.   Intimately know My voice and My Spirit.  Do not listen to the many other spirits, for they only want to misdirect you.  Watch-out for temptation and warn others if you can.  



Thus says the Lord:   Stay close to Me.  Together with Me you can have breakthroughs, make progress and enter the good land that I wanted  you to inherit for a long time.  With ME you can defeat all your giants.  I want to be strong and mighty in you;  My power wants to develop in you.  You should recognize and know that My arm is not too short.   I Am solving all your unsolvable problems in My own way.  It happens through My Spirit and My Word.  My presence will make the difference in your life; therefore make sure you give Me a plenty of room.  



Thus says the Lord:  I know what you need.  I have it and I will also give it to you.  You just always have to come to Me to pick it up.  Ask and it will be given to you.  All things need to be prayed for.  To My asking children I will give everything , holding back nothing.  Learn to ask with an open mind.  This year you are in the school of prayer.  Here you learn to talk with Me and I will give you revelations to inspire you and others.



Thus says the Lord:  These days many have lost their solid footing.  They look around, searching all over for advise and help. But you My child should know, with Me you can find everything you have need of.  Ask Me, listen to Me, read My Word.  My Word will be a light on your way. If it is that way, nobody will be able to direct you off My chosen path. Do not allow to be manipulated.  Let noone else control you.  Find your inner self and ME.



Thus says the Lord:  You have to make decisions amongst inner conflict.  You have many questions.  You have a hard time to handle the many changes.  You observe so much pain and suffering without having an answer for it.  Know this!  Mankind lives now in the “End-Times”.  Everything is rushing toward the fulfillment.  Look out for yourself and your salvation.  Strengthen yourself in Me; become mature and grow in the inward man.  Do not waste your time; use it to the best of your knowledge.  Soon the doors of eternity are swinging open and the redeemed are going home.  The time of the harvest is upon us.  Become part of the harvesting team, helping Me to bring My harvest in.  



Thus says the Lord:   Allow Me to lead you by My Spirit and tell you something.  Listen to My Word.  Learn to know My voice intimately to distinguish it easily from all the others.  When it is an unknown voice, flee from it and have nothing to do with it.  Otherwise it will cause you great heart-pain and confusion.  Live consciously in My presence.  Be satisfied with what I provide for you .  Do not be jealous or envious of others.  Be  faithful in what you do and reject all negative talk, do not even listen to it.  It is poison for you.



Thus says the Lord:       Have no fear with challenges and problems.  Hidden within them are My wonders and My help for you.  My victories are hidden in your battles.  When you are weak I can show My strength in you.  In your place of fighting you are not alone.  I Am covering you from all directions.  Even when it looks  from the outside you are standing all alone,  My Spirit is always and eternally with you.  Show yourself fearless.  With Me you are well equipped  and prepared for anything.   



Thus says the Lord:  I will transform your sadness into joy:  your defeats into victories:  your weakness into strength and all the negative into something positive.  MY grace is with you and goodness and mercy are following it.  Your pain, worry and difficulties shall melt in My presence as ice in sunshine.  My arm is strong to help you, so do not give up.  Your future is in My hands.



Thus says the Lord:  Everything will be shaken.   All men will be horrified what they will see and hear.  But you who can hear My voice will stay calm and relaxed. You know My plan that all these things have to happen.  And you know that I have the last word in everything and everyone has to listen to Me.  Because you have kept My word, I will also keep you.  Because you stood with Me, I will also stand with you.  Because you have not left Me in the critical hour, I will also not leave you.  I will stay at your side.  Stay fearless and brave and do what you have to do.



Thus says the Lord:     Do not get tired and sluggish when times get harder, the fight harder, the nights getting darker.  Stay close to Me and I will change everything that wants to torment you into fun and goodness.  Do not be upset about the godless.  Be happy with what you have.  I will take care of you.  You will not have to go begging and making yourself dependent upon others.  Just be dependent upon My blessing.  I will bless you so abundantly, you will have extra to give out presents.  May My peace fill your house and everything you own.



Thus says the Lord:   Be modest and humble.  Do not brag, not even to Me.  I work in the hidden things and who wants to recognize Me will recognize Me and know what I did for you and in you.  I only desire your love and your thanks.  Then I will even do greater things for you.  This year will be a time of growth and maturing.  I will show you new things and add new things into your life.  Stay true to Me, not just looking for signs and wonders.  Search for ME.  



Thus says the Lord:   I am painting your life’s picture.  I Am putting the details of your life into it.  I know how it best fits for you.  I Am rounding things off and harmonize them.  Do not force anything.  Let nothing stress you out.  My hand moves the brush, putting the right color combination into your life. I Am drawing you in profile.  I Am showing you how to live and walk in MY word.  I Am placing you in front of situations and challenges, helping you with the outcome.   Watch how I do it.  Do not allow to let it bog you down.   Learn to filter-out the negative.  Recognize  My ways of handling your challenges.  MY wonders are hidden within your problem.  MY victories are hidden within your fights.  MY word has the answers to all your questions.  Study MY word.  Learn to know and understand Me even better through My written word.  Do not doubt My revelations.  If they were My promises, they will also come to pass.  Were they not from Me, than I will hinder their fulfillment, for I only want your best.  Do not allow for people to manipulate you.  Prove the spirits.  Stay steadfastly on My way.



Thus says the Lord:  I have seen your desire, your wish to serve Me and to stay true to Me.  I know your fears and I feel with you.  My child, My promises are here for you too.  I will not drop you or move away from you.  I Am always with you , no matter what happens to you or what you are going through.  My good Spirit will always lead you .  You will not pass by the wayside.  Your minus will become your plus and your weaknesses your strength.  Your defeats will become your victories.  Keep going the same way and do not give up.



Thus says the Lord: Do not be afraid to walk unusual path with Me, to learn and experience new things.  I want to be your teacher who personally instructs you.  Do not try to evade difficulties, but face them head-on. With My help you will solve them and change everything.  Take your time.  Allow time to work for you.  Be patient with yourself and others.  I Am leading you in small steps forward. You are in the middle of your development toward maturity.  Continue to stay with Me.



Thus says the Lord:  This year many things will be different from what you expected.  Do not be surprised.  It is what I allowed to happen as My lecture for you.  They fulfill My intentions.  Your life has a purpose.  That is why these things happen.  I have no thoughts of suffering for you but for life.  I Am your patron, promoting you.  You are much more important to Me than what you do or are not doing.  I Am not looking at your deeds  but at your heart, your soul and your spirit.



Thus says the Lord:  Do not get lost or depressed in your own balance sheet.  You are more important to Me then all the things you did or missed to do.  I love you, just the way you are.  I Myself want to be the content of your life.  Stick with Me, trust Me.  Be happy with what you have accomplished for now.  I will take care of the growth-spurts in your life.  Follow Me in tandem.  Do not rush things.  Wait until My time for you is at hand and I give you the go-ahead to act.  Only walk My ways, because only these will reach the goal.




Thus says the Lord:   Do not give up believing in Me or the hope you have in Me.  As long as you desire to be with Me, nothing will be able to harm you.  MY presence gives you a different outlook, binding all dark thoughts, negativeness and hopelessness.  Do not allow negative talk about anyone in your presence.  Do not listen to it, even when it is true.  The devil only wants you to start judging and to participate in the sin of others.  Keep your thoughts and feelings pure.  Stay on your own straight  path, living your own life.  Do not compare yourself with others.



Thus says the Lord:   I Am your invisible partner, I Am standing by you.  You do not have to prove to anyone else that you believe in ME, that you are spiritual and are following ME.  I have accepted you.  You have found MY grace.  You need nothing else in your life, but My presence.
I Am for you.  No one will be able to harm you or resist you.  Remain relaxed and calm, even when you are being massively attacked.  All that come against you will miserably go to ruin.  I will defend you.  You do not have to do it yourself.



Thus says the Lord:    Even when all others leave you, I will stay with you and help you.  My words are strengthening and refreshing you.  Start consciously to live in the presence fitting for a child of God in thought and speech.  Do not think small of yourself.  Be filled with My peace.
Do not let people talk you into anything.  Do the things where I give you the green light.  Do not become the slave of others.  Determine to do My will.  Learn to say NO.  Stand with My revelations and My leading and to that which you have experienced with Me.



Thus says the Lord:   MY Word and I, we are One.  With My Word, I Am in your presence.  Read and speak out My words loud and clear and I Am with you.  My words will never return void back to Me.  They are effective, wherever I will send them.  Study My Word.  Take them very serious.  They will raise you up and inspire you.  They will feed your soul and make you into an unusual person.  No one will be able to harm or resist you.




Thus says the Lord:   As the sun is rising in the morning, so shall My glory rise in you.  MY presence will raise the value of your life, explode your horizon upward and remove anything depressing.  Trust Me, the way a child trusts its father.  I Am taking you by the hand and lead you.  I Am straightening out your path.  Do not hold on to your past, with its hurts and losses.  Begin today to live a new life with ME.  This is a new beginning for you.  A new time is breaking forth for you.  Today I AM finalizing an eternal union with you.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not allow to be oppressed and being taken advantage of by everybody.  Start living for yourself. Do something for yourself for a change.  Allow yourself something nice.  How can you begin to love others, if you have not even learned to love yourself.  How will you learn to forgive others, if you do not even forgive yourself.  Talk and think well of yourself.  I love you.  You are so precious to Me.  For you I gave everything, to release you from bondage.  Believe in yourself.  You are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for.  Beside that, I Am also there to help you further along.



Thus says the Lord:   Decide what you want to do.  Undecided and fickle people I cannot bless.  A doubter does not believe into receiving anything.  Do not keep doubting My loyalty toward you.  I have decided to be for you.  I want your best.  I want you to be My co-worker in order for us to accomplish things together.  Speak what I speak and do what I do.  Align yourself fully toward ME.  Leave formerly traveled path as nothing more than empty habits.  Do not keep busy with dead works.  Do not ask other people so much, ask ME.  I will give you the right and perfect answers to begin lasting work.  These will be your decision-making help.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not be afraid of storms in the boat of your life.  I have everything under control.  I miss nothing.  Every detail of your life has been planned by Me and carefully prepared.  MY will is already happening in your life.  Allow things to be as they are.  Do not talk and discuss  your situation and do not become bitter about your condition.  I have allowed it and I will take it away again.  Much happens as your protection and for your safety. Afterwards I will reveal it to you.  Live now and do not ask so much, otherwise your life will be too hard and the enemy wants to add his destructive part.  



Thus says the Lord:     My Spirit wants to heal your soul.  You have come through so many low points and fights and lived through many storms.  The enemy has been fighting hard against you.  Now, I will allow some quiet and peace.  Allow yourself to simply fall into My arms to rest for a while.  Enjoy these moments.  When nothing happens, you are maturing.  You have need of that too.  I like mature people who have digested and learned from their experiences.  Rest in MY presence, listen to My voice and watch what I will do for you.  Continue to become stronger and unshakable.  Have a solid foundation in My word.  



Thus says the Lord:   Walk with Me toward your perfection.  Let go of what blocks, hinders or disturbs you.  You yourself are responsible for your spiritual progress.  The more you give yourself to ME, the more I can entrust to you.  Today is the beginning of a new phase in your life.  Reach  up to connect to it.  Begin to exist on a higher level.  Come out of the mass-behavior that pushes you along and walk with Me, step by step.  Do MY will.  Create your outlook from My word.  Accumulate new spiritual experiences.  Your time in the desert should come to an end.



Thus says the Lord:   Become more interested in Me and My plan for you.  Receive My revelations and interpret them correctly.  But before all things, fully live them.  Have no fear of the unaccustomed.  I Am always traveling new roads.  Be ready to follow Me beyond your former limitations and do things you have not done before.  Do not remain standing in one place.  Do not bother with the  "Half-saved."  Build with Me on My community.  Make your place in My Kingdom.



Thus says the Lord:   I Am looking for heroes and overcomers.  I Am looking for people who are willing to give everything, for only those  will also receive everything. My child: Decide to go full out for all that can be.  Do not continue to go only half the way.  Do not waste your time  with people who are unwilling and things that are unprofitable.  Build upon what you are doing.  Solidify your belief.  Hold on to My grace.  Go steadfastly toward your own perfection.  Use all of your possibilities.  Use your gifts.  Do not hide your light under a bush.  You have received rich gifting's for the building of My kingdom.  Use them.



Thus says the Lord:   MY Spirit wants to be leading your life.  I want to bring you to your goal.  I want you to experience what My power can accomplish through you; how your life can become a blessing for others; how people through you become believers.  But first, I Am preparing you. I regenerate your life.  I am solidifying your belief.  I gave you My Word.  Use it, read and study it.  The closer you observe it, the more it will reveal to you.  ALL information you need, you are holding with it in your hands.  MY word is a powerful weapon in your hand.



Thus says the Lord:   All that happens in your life has its beginning in the unseen world.  It has already been determined by ME in eternity and it comes as it has been planned by Me.  Know MY plans.  Listen to My voice.  Follow My Spirit.  Believe My revelations and what My servants speak.  I will inform you in all things at the proper time.  Only this way can you be successful in all things.  Have dreams and visions!  Live in My anointing.



Thus says the Lord:   Recognize My works and My pathway in your life.  Stay closely connected to Me.  Love and read My Word.  Allow Me to talk to you through it.  The better you know My word, the better you know ME.  In it I declare what I will do among the children of men and what is going to happen next.  My Word will activate My hidden life in you, releasing and mobilizing freedom and healing.  Become a doer of My Word.  My Word will release an avalanche of blessing in you.  My Word is a mighty weapon in your hand.  



Thus says the Lord:   I Am setting a problem before you, but with it I give you the solution and power to overcome it.  Step away from your routine.  You just have to get up and approach the challenges in My name.  Just keep looking at ME.  Do not look at yourself or your feelings.  I will help you, when you are helpless.  I will comfort you, when you are sad.  I will heal you, when you are sick.  Your problems are demands for Me to be filled.  Do what I Am asking of you.  



Thus says the Lord:  Do not allow to be stepped on and weighed down by everybody.  Just look upon Me and I will give you new strength to resist and to say NO.  I Am your protection and your safety; therefore, be courageous.  Do not be fearful to practically live what you believe.  Say what you have to say.  Your actions disperse and discourage your opponents. You are the one who releases My signs and wonders in your surroundings.  Your first step is the prerequisite for the for you desired changes.  Be convinced of Me and My power inside of  you.  Visualize My breakthroughs and victories in the Spirit and you will have them in reality.  



Thus says the Lord:     The time for new beginnings and breakthroughs is come for you.  Today you are standing at a turning point.  An exciting life is waiting for you.  Your currant situation is the point of beginning to reach new shores.  Until now, you have always come through with Me and with Me you will overcome also all new challenges.   Watch for divine providences coming into your life.  Do not be surprised, they are from ME.  Follow your anointing and let her lead you. `She will teach you how to live right and the rest will come on its own.



Thus says the Lord:   Be always cheerful and with a good attitude, even when its dark and gloomy around you.  Your positive outlook will change night into day and bring Me on the scene.  Agree with Me.  Do not talk about your problems.  Do not look for human help, for I want to be your helper.  I will send the right things at the right time.  Trust ME.  



Thus says the Lord:    Look out for the small thing.  The more you do My will, the better you will recognize and understand My ways;  the more relaxed and adjusted you will become.  All the doers of My word are being richly blessed and recognized.  My promises to them are being automatically fulfilled.  They begin to reap without delay.  Agree with My leadership.  Everything serves for your betterment.  When it seems to be too hard for you, change simply to thanksgiving.



Thus says the Lord:    Do not be fearful of the future.  I Am the Lord of the future.  I Am leading you.  I do not overburden you.  I Am not taking you where My grace could not support  you,  where My arm could not help you and My riches could not sustain you.  My Spirit leads you on a good road, there you are being molded and taught, experiencing My loyalty and love.  Have no fear of the new, the different, because My hand leads you along the right road.  Here you grow in My love.    




Thus says the Lord:    Big storms are coming into this world.  But you should know, I have everything under control, and I have the last word. Nothing happens without My knowledge or My will.  Be filled with My peace.  I personally will remove all of your opponents and adversaries.  I will remove out of your way all dangers and nuisances.  I will take away what has accumulated with you.  I will heal your torn insides,  I Am the God who solves all your conflicts.



Thus says the Lord:   I dissolve the yet unsolved issues in your life.  I take responsibility for you, beginning to clear up the impossible things. I'll take away all your offences, your resignation and frustrations.  Let them go.  Trust ME.  Do not allow to let your fears make you sick.  Do not be afraid of the tests coming your way.  I will be standing with You.  Stay close to My word.  It will comfort and strengthen you.  I will continue to be your shepherd and companion.  Do not let anything come between us.  Hold tightly on to ME.



Thus says the Lord:   I like to meet you anew again.  You shall again have good times with Me.  You do not have to give up yourself or anyone else.  Today I will start over with you.  I will renew My promises to you.  It will be as you expected, except much better.  With Me you are rising higher and not down.  I will always help you to reach the next step.  Your real life is ahead of you and not behind.



Thus says the Lord:   Be burning in your spirit.  Your life should be a living sacrifice for Me.  I will reveal Myself to you, talk to you and lead you. This will give new life to you.  It will make you above average.  Wait for me until I give the "green light" to you.  Do not be irritated about anyone or anything, it would only take away your calm and peace.  I will still all of your storms.   MY angels are surrounding you.



Thus says the Lord:   Count more on My power and My.   With Me you live a different life.  A strong and fulfilled life. A carefree life.  You just have to watch that nothing comes between you and Me.  Allow nothing negative into your life.  Do not become doubtful about My loyalty to you.  Even when you make mistakes is My grace enough for you too.  Simply follow Me.  What you cannot do, what is too heavy for you, I will take care for you.  With Me, your life will be quite different.  Live in My presence!



Thus says the Lord:   I will enlarge your horizon.  I want to show you My great help.  I work in the the small things and in the unseen.  Look up, I Am with you, even when you feel nothing.  Do not allow the enemy to bring  you to panic.  Do not allow anybody to paralyze you, block you, or  hinder you to trust Me.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Whatever comes toward you, it is from Me.  I only desire the good and perfect for you and I will get you out of every tight spot.  Simply keep trusting in ME.  



Thus says the Lord:   Do not become tired or discouraged, even when you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.  Even when you have no answer or solution.  Even in hard times, stay close to Me, serve Me exactly as before.  MY help never arrives too late.  You will not fall by the wayside.  Your prayers will surely be answered.  Have patience.  While you are waiting you are maturing and My cause with it.  Keep busy with Me.  Praise and worship Me.  All will be well.



Thus says the Lord:   Wherever My Word is, there I Am also;  there is My fullness;  there is My blessing;  there is My power; there is My  complete salvation.  Therefore allow My word to richly enter your life.  Read, study and meditate in it.  Let My word become your great reward.  Therein you will learn My intentions and plans for your life.  Through My word, you will daily experience My presence.  MY word will give more depth to your life.  It will remove all fear and strengthen your faith.  Besides these, MY word will break-apart any curses and bondage's in your life.



Thus says the Lord:   Use what you have and what I have given you.  I always give what you have need of.  You live off My goodness and grace.  Turn away from anything unfruitful.  Do not keep busy with dead works. Allow ME to work in you.  Do only what I Am showing you.  Learn to hear My voice and then obey it.  You will be getting your instructions from Me.  Become creative, do what is fun and enjoy it.  Grow with your  talents.  I have given them to you.  As you use them, you will be a blessing to others, along with also being blessed yourself.



Thus says the Lord:   I Am showing you the road you need to travel on.  I Am putting the words in your mouth which you should speak.

I Am your inspiration.  I motivate you.  I Am strengthening your hands to do the deeds I commission you to do.  Everything I expect from you, I Am teaching you first.  Do only what you have learned from ME.  Do not copy others.  All you need to know, you will hear from ME.  Use first what you already have, then you will be given what else you need.  After that, I will give you even more.



Thus says the Lord:   With Me, you jump right over your former limitations.  With Me, you overcome all hurdles, all your hindrances and limitations.  Live in MY presence.  Then fully trust Me and know who I AM.  With that knowledge you can handle and overcome anything. Do not allow for that to be taken away from you.  Hold on to MY eternal truth.  My Word still holds its value and that will daily give you all you need.  It will lift you up every new day.  It encourages you to steadfastly continue.  Here you learn to love life and living.




Thus says the Lord:    I give you My words and My thoughts, My wishes, My goals and My life.  I also give you the power to live it.   From Me come the desires and from Me comes the fulfillment.  MY revelations make you optimistic and with that you get much further.  You do not give up when others fail.  You are not frustrated anymore, because you know I have the last word and all things under control.  MY Spirit wants to awaken and enlarge more of My gifts in you.  Live in My presence, in My fullness and in My blessings.  I will promote you.




Thus says the Lord:   Stay dependant upon ME.  Do not make yourself dependant on people.  Especially not from those who do not know Me, do not need Me and do not want Me.  You live out of My sources.  Your soul has My Word.  That is your real nourishment.  Feed your soul richly with it and you won't have any shortages.  My words are what you need.  They are Spirit, life and the light along your path. You should not live in ignorance.  You should not live in darkness, for I Am your light.  I Am leading you.  I AM helping you to carry your loads.



Thus says the Lord:   MY presence gives you real and continuing quality for life.  It gives your life a new lift.  Hear My word, study My word, keep obeying My commandments.  Live in My grace.  Do not worry about anything.  Do not burden yourself with negative things and pessimistic people.  You have ME.  Trust in ME.  I Am helping you.  I give you everything you have need of.  Use your talents.  Live out what you have recognized by My Spirit.  Go ahead only when you see My green light.  Always remain humble.




Thus says the Lord:   Always wait for My confirmation.  Do not always do everything others are asking you.  Do not believe everything.  You need My confirmation.  Without My green light you run into calamity.  Search for Me, ask Me when you have to make decisions, but then follow the advise you have been given.  Only that which is confirmed by Me, is MY will.  Only that will be useful and be a blessing. Only that will give you advantage and peace.  Only than I will support you out of heaven.  Everything else will warp and mutilate you. Find your true identity in ME.



Thus says the Lord:   Be only what I have ordained for you.  Don't try to be anyone else.  I have only originals; with copies I do not bather. Stay with everything you do, true to yourself.  There is noone exactly as you are.  I have redeemed you as you were and I want to continue to mold you from here on.  I desire for you to use your gifting's for ME and to apply them for and in My kingdom.  If you miss to do that, the enemy will use and misuse you.  Keep on your strait path.  Go your own way, the way I have shown you.  All other roads are wrong, leading you astray.



Thus says the Lord:   It is MY determination for you to become a "doer" of My word; to know My word and to digest it.  The more you study and know My words, the better you know Me and are connected to Me.  My words make you a winner at all levels.  Be fully absorbed in your calling and you will become strong and healthy. Only the ones doing My will are content and happy.  Become what I have chosen for you to become.  Use what you have.  You have enough.  You have your own qualities, discover them.




Thus says the Lord:   Let go of the things you are holding on so tightly. These things only paralyze and hinder you.  They keep you from your progress.  You keep treading on the same spot.  You are standing still.  You do not believe in your own abilities anymore.  People have discouraged you.  Your fears are paralyzing you.  My child, I love you, you are Mine.  MY power is enough, even for you.  Do not suppress your identity.  You have been redeemed by My grace.  Nobody should separate you from Me.  Stay as you are and do not let anyone mold you into a different mold.  Live in freedom and not in oppression.



Thus says the Lord:    Keep what you have.  Continue to live from My word, My grace and My Spirit.  Do not let anyone certify you incapable.  Do not allow your former life to be robbed from you.  What you used to enjoy and love will again be renewed in you.  Become an original again.  Do not conform to the world.  Become this again what I wanted you to be.  Then I will bless you anew, stand with you and walk along with you.  Cast off all the molds others have forced you in.  Live by MY standards, this will bring an uplift into your life.  You will grow out of yourself and your bad dreams will cease.



Thus says the Lord:   I Am waiting for you.  Your deeds are a signal for My actions.  Your deeds and your obedience release an avalanche of blessing. When I see your obedience then I will fulfill all your desires.  Simply use what you have and what you are capable of.  I will then add to your giftings.  Have inner joy, inner peace.  Be calm and relaxed.  Do not try to please people, only ME.  Serve only Me and you have My help.



Thus says the Lord:   Get ready now to go forward; risk new steps.  It is time for you to start something on your own.  Release yourself from unwanted burdens.  Separate yourself from people you do not really like, who steel your time, that are and talk only negative.  Do not seek their advise.
Do not allow them to influence you.  Learn to hear with your heart and from My word.  Make no unwise compromises.  Doing favors will not pay off.  Stay away from unnecessary tensions.



Thus says the Lord:     Be more obedient to Me than to your feelings, thoughts and other people. Do not live only by ordinances and people's rules;  Start living out of your knowledge of My Holy Spirit.  Do what My word is speaking to you.  Receive My power.  Give her free reign.  All you need for your development, I have already deposited in you. You just have to use it.  When I give you a task, I also give you the means to complete it.  The power will come when you begin to work at it.  Trust in yourself.  Begin with small things.  I gave you My grace, which will be enough.



Thus says the Lord:   Stand up and continue believing and be obedient and so on.  In this way, you will see My wonders.  If you just start and get going, I will right-away begin to do something for you.  Begin to live deliberately.  Start moving and heaven will begin moving to fight for you.  In this way new advances will become the order of your life and you will have reasons to be thankful and glad.  And I will be with you, taking care of  things that are too hard for you.  Simply trust in ME and all things will be well. I will remove the rocks and other hindrances out of your way.



Thus says the Lord:   Look at ME and not to all those things that make you fearful and worry you.  Use your giftings.  Give your heart a jab  to be happy, content and thankful.  Think big of ME.  Don't take your problems so seriously.  Dramatize nothing.  Nothing that is not from Me should influence you.  Do not be jealous or envious of anybody.  Grant everybody only good things.  Exercise self-control in all areas.  And before all things: nothing should rule over you.  Become no slave to anybody or anything.  Then you will have a good and healthy life.



Thus says the Lord:   Give ME all your hurts.  Fix your sight only on Me, My power and My love for you.  I Am bigger than your troubles that overwhelm and depress you.  Do not allow these problems to intimidate you.  Stay away from all creators of panic, all doubters and all critics.  Let ME, My word and My Spirit direct you.  Begin to live a spirit-filled life.  Use My Word; with it you can get by anywhere.



Thus says the Lord:   Use My Word, for then things will start to happen.  My word will not return void.  My word continues to work.  As well as you know My word, as well you know ME.  As much you have from Me.  Therefore search out and discover My word.  In it are My treasures hidden for you.  Through My word My presence comes to you, and My fullness is  coming to you.  In it are the recipies and solutions for your needs.
Be now and always remain connected to Me.  Do not allow for anything to come between us.  MY peace will fill you.



Thus says the Lord:   You are more precious to Me than silver or gold.  For you I will do anything.  Ask Me and you will receive.   I do nothing un-asked.  I do not force Myself on anyone.  Through Me you connect to your life element.  Here you can really be yourself.  Where My Spirit works, where I AM, where My presence is, there you can live like a fish in water, There you are not anymore in dryness, in the desert.  There you can really live, not to be just vegetating anymore. Only there is survival for you.  Do not leave My presence, for you cannot do without it.



Thus says the Lord:   Live a life following My ordinances, by My requirements and directives. Then you will again have joy in life and  become productive again.  Then all things will work out for you again.  You will have success again.  Then things will again be well with you.  Then the storms in your life will stop.  Then you will again stand under My protection.  Then the enemy will not find any place to attack you.  Then I will order My angels to surround you.



Thus says the Lord:   Tolerate everything with My help.  Do not torment yourself.  You also do not have to understand everything.  I want to give you everything you need and what is missing yet.  I know what is best for you.  I have the oversight.  Thank Me for everything that is happening around you, if you understand it or not.  I have good thoughts for you.  You have found grace in My sight.  I want to be "more than enough" for you.
In ME are all your sources, everything you have need of.  Live in MY presence.



Thus says the Lord:   Live in the movement and flow of My Spirit.  Do not resist My leadership and work in you.  I know what is best for you.
Have patience.  Accept things the way they come, even when they are different than your expectation.  My ways are sometimes too strange and invisible to you.  You do not have to understand everything and file it away someplace.  I do not allow to be put in a box.  I also do not act after some script.  Trust in Me, everything will be well.  That which paralyzes you and is hard for you, I will remove.  Leave it to ME.



 Thus says the Lord:    Live your life in harmony with Me.  Then I will Myself remove everything that hurts you, wants to ruin you, what blocks you and really gives you a hard time.  Where My Spirit is, My presence is, there is freedom.  There you are in your element.  There you have everything you have need of.   If you are pleasing to Me, you do not have to be pleasing to anyone else;  you won't be needing anything else anymore and nothing else will be able to satisfy you anymore.  Search for Me and serve Me.  Be loyal with everything you do.  Take My Word  seriously.   Look only for confirmation through ME.



Thus says the Lord:   I do not want you to live for nothing and fight for nothing.  I will protect you against the unnecessary, to not be wasting your energy for no reason.  I have no thoughts of suffering for you.  In all of this I Am giving you today a spirit of prudence, of power and of love. Tolerate everything with patience and be thankful in everything.  Live in the flow of My Spirit; My Spirit will lead you.  Move along the right roads, the ones I have prepared for you.  These are safe.  All other roads lead nowhere and into nothingness. Watch for My signals, My impulses, My directions and commands.  Do MY will.



Thus says the Lord:    I will pour out My Spirit over your life.  My Spirit will teach you, strengthen and comfort you, enabling you to do things you have not even dreamed about.  With Me you can do anything, even to tolerate the hard things and to digest them.  With Me you can swim against the currant.  With Me you can live differently then all the others.  With me you can help those, who have no helper anymore.  With me you can optimize your life.  With me your soul can heave a sigh of relief.  Shake off the foreign yoke.  Put yourself fully into My hands.  I will be responsible for you.  Live in constant connection to Me.  Expect everything from Me.  I AM your alternative.  I Am your real Father.  People deceive you, I will not.



Thus says the Lord:   Live in constant union with Me.  Allow much time for Me and my word.  Worry more about your soul.  Give her good food.  Your shape is the same as your soul.  With a dwarfed soul you are not getting far and won't reach the goals of your life.  Set priorities for your life.  Do not waste your money, your gifts and your energy for things that are worthless in eternity.  Do not throw your pearls before swine.  You live for me and not for this world.  I have redeemed you and you belong fully to ME.



Thus says the Lord:    Start to live in My fullness.  Do not worry about your future.  Your hopes and expectations will still come to pass.  Everything will come to you, if you give Me first place in your life.  There won't be any lack.  You will experience My power.  My strong hand will  help you to accomplish the impossible.  Should it not be possible for Me to give you the otherwise unattainable?  Just walk with me and the good things will follow and overtake you, your whole life long.  My grace and power are enough for you too.



Thus says the Lord:    All you need I will give you freely.  You just have to ask Me.  It is ready to be send on will-call.  I just want to be asked.  Ask and you will have it and all without cost.  My wares are not for sale.  My salvation cannot be paid for. (again) My blessings cannot be purchased  with money.  Everything I give you is free.  Watch out for the spirit of the profit-takers.  Just listen to my instructions, for with them you will surely reach My treasure rooms.  There everything is ready for you to pick up from eternity.  Live with My regulations and choosing.  You can do it.  I Am helping you and I support you in it.  



Thus says the Lord:    Learn to look straight ahead.  Forget your mistakes, your failings and your sins.  For these I have already suffered.  I have freed you from your negative past.  In My eyes you are a new creation.  All the negative I have erased out of your book of life. You have found grace  in My sight.  Hold on to My accomplished work, on My revelations, My impulses and My inspirations in your life. In small steps I Am walking ahead with you.  I Am with you in all your days.  



Thus says the Lord:   Do not believe what you see, but go only by that which I tell you and what you hear from Me.  Trust in My Words.  Do not be fearful of the worldwide storms.  Come into My arms and I will hide you with Me.  Here you are safe.  Live consciously in My presence.  Do not let anything come between us.  What I meant to you once, that I still Am.  I have not changed.  What I once promised you, I will still fulfill.  My hand will guarantee justice in your life.  I will quiet all your storms.  



Thus says the Lord:   I quiet all your storms.  I Am stepping in.  When all others leave and desert you, I Am placing Myself fully behind you.  I become the helper for those who have no helper anymore.  I will not forsake you.  Do not fear difficulties. I have never seen anything I could not handle.  My Word will cause wonders with you.  Use them!  All you know about Me, what you have learned from Me, use it.  With that which you have from Me and what you are in Me, you can move mountains.  My power in you can even move the immovable things.  I will direct your steps, but the actual walking you have to do yourself.  Your actions are the signal for My intervention.


Thus says the Lord:   I want to be your light to illuminate you.  Begin to live by My instructions.  Research MY Word; there are secrets for you hidden within them.  Recipes to solve your challenges.  Here you will discover how things will continue with you, what I still want to accomplish through you and what you will receive from Me.  You shall live the life of a blessed one.  Watch for My signals, My impulses, My directions and orders.  Do MY will.    




Thus says the Lord:   Serve Me with an undivided heart.  Occupy yourself only with Me.  Divide your heart with no one.  Honor ME, then I will bless you and give you success.  Do not be disturbed by your fellow brothers and sisters.  Do not allow them to distract or hinder you in your commission or high calling.  I have started the good work with you and I will also bring it to completion.  Do not allow to have anything come or stand between us.  I Am your vine and I want you to be My branch.  Without Me, you can do nothing.



Thus says the Lord:   I Myself will take-over the helm of your life, to bring you safely to your goal.  I know the dangers that are lurking along the way.  Trust that I lead you correctly and only desire the best for you.  Stay close to ME.  You are more important to me than your works or deeds.  All that is missing in your life, I will give you from Myself.  Expect big things from ME.  Stand in agreement with Me, even when you do not understand much of it.  MY ways are not your ways.  Simply stay under My guidance and leadership.  I will get you to your destination.  Fear not.  



Thus says the Lord:   Be brave and unafraid.  Before is life, My life, the victories, My victories and My glory.  Do not be afraid, no matter what happens to you.  The things that hurt you are teaching you something big.  They refine you and release My power in you.  Remember, My power is mighty in the weak ones.  My all-mightiness reveals itself in the powerless, in that which is nothing in all the little things in life.  Watch them.  Take the little things serious, for they are the base material for My glories.  Expect My solutions in all things.  I will provide all you need.



Thus says the Lord:    I Am your reward.  Do not believe it was all in vain or for nothing what you have done.  It was seeded in weakness but will grow up in strength.  My child: sing, praise and worship Me, even when there is still darkness.  Even when your situation in life is still hopeless.
Even when the problems nearly suffocate you.  Even if you do not know how to continue anymore.  Praise Me and your evening will turn into a new morning.  A new day will break forth for you.  New doors will open for you and you will find a safe refuge with your God and I will personally bring everything in your life to a "Happy Ending".  



Thus says the Lord:   You have been down and out for a long time.  You were long enough in the valley.  The enemy wanted to destroy you from all sides.  Evil wanted to triumph over your life.  But I entered your life now, to destroy the works of the devil;  to say, enough is enough.  You shall have a come-back. MY resurrection power will be activated in you.  A big change is coming.  I Am removing your dress used for mourning and will change it into a festive gala outfit.  I Am wiping the tears from your eyes and  I Am shaking the dust of disappointments from you.  Care for ME and beside Me no one else.  Serve only ME and no one else.  I Am looking for people who are fully devoted to ME, and then I will also be everything for you.



Thus says the Lord:    All of today's experiences either good or bad  propel you forward.  The world is entering stormy times, but you  should not be fearful.  I Am coming toward you amidst the waves, stepping into the boat of your life, taking over the oars and the control.  I alone Am your strength and your safety.  I Am your anchor.  I command the wind and waves.  I Am helping the helpless.  I AM with you every second of your life.  My strong hand is above your life.  And know this:  I have always and everywhere the last word; and beside Me no one.



Thus says the Lord:    Do not be afraid.  Your life is before Me open and clear.  Right now many things appear to you odd and unclear.  You always want clear situations.  My child, unfortunately you are still on the road, not near your intended goal for quite a while.  Be patient.  Calm down.  I Am with you, no matter where you are going or what you are doing.  I have the oversight and control.  I see the beginning and the end of your road.  You do not always have to understand Me, I understand you.  MY eyes are leading you.  Just follow ME, I will bring you to your goal.  I know the road and all of your escape routes.   I AM leading you.  That should be enough for you to know.



Thus says the Lord:   You have found grace and pity from ME.  From now on, you should not think of your past anymore.  I have blotted out all the negative.  I forgave you your sins.  Your life continues for you now.  Now I have control of your life.  I Am leading you.  I gave you MY righteousness.  I have your situation tightly in My hand.  I Am your helper and your salvation.  Recognize your calling and your tasks.  Make clear decisions.  Be without compromise.  Do what you have to do:  act as you have to;  say what you have to;  give what you should give;  Start to really serve ME and begin living fully for ME.  



Thus says the Lord:    Do not worry about the darkness in this world, because gloom covers the earth.  Do not worry about crisis and catastrophes.  This is MY dealing with the world.  I Am holding My protecting hand over you.  Even in the darkest hour I will not leave you.  I Am also with you on your hardest days.  Your fights are My fights.  Your burdens are My burdens.  MY temptations are also your temptations.  Console  yourself My child.  MY Spirit and MY love are still with you.



Thus says the Lord:   I AM still with you, even when you have no great feelings for Me.  MY presence is by obligation through My word with you.  I promised it and will therefore do it.  My child, I Am a rewarder.  Do not believe it was all in vain or for nothing, what you did.  I have seen your works.  It was seeded in weakness but it will grow up in strength.  Through ME your life will have reason and become precious.  In ME your works will sprout.  Do not be discouraged because of failures.  I will change your failures into triumph;  your sadness into laughter.    



Thus says the Lord:   It is, if you believe it or not, all from ME prepared for eternity. Understand this:  I want to be the secret in your life, Know Me and no one else.  Concern yourself about ME and no one else.  Serve only ME and no one else.  I Am looking for people that are 100% for ME.  Go for the top and the best.  Utilize your possibilities.  Be brave.  Break-out from what holds you back.  Expect My solutions.  Let no one force you into anything.



Thus says the Lord:   Your destination is here.  Your time in the desert is over.  From My side, there are no surprises.  I equip you with a spirit of  boldness.   I am loaning you My power.  You are My housekeeper, My manager.  Manage My giftings well.  Do My works with full devotion and love.  Be excited in all things you do.  Do it without complaining.  Do it with faith and expect signs and wonders.  Do not concern yourself with the negative ones, the doubters and the godless.  Through you,  I expect MY name to be glorified and My will being done.  I picked you as MY tool.  Remain in My hand and in My service, for only this way your life will become really useful.



Thus says the Lord:    Recognize who you are, what your calling is and where I placed you.   Find your right place in My Kingdom.  You are not doing your own fighting but you are part in My battle and My undertaking.  You are talking My words when you are speaking.  Do not think too small of yourself.  I entrusted My affairs to you.  Preserve the office and the gifting's I have lent you, even multiply them; invest them into other people.  I bless you even more, when more other people have been blessed through you.  Serve Me in gladness.



Thus says the Lord:   I give you the fullness of My Spirit.  I anoint your head and fill you to overflowing. I enlighten you to know Me even better; to hear Me better; to see Me better, in order for you to gain fullness much faster. I grant you opened eyes, an experienced mind to live My grace on a higher level.  Move within My grace.  Hold fast to Me.  Live in great awareness.  Believe in My capabilities.



Thus says the Lord:    I Am very near you.  I see you, even when you cannot see Me. You do not feel me, but I can feel you.  You do not really hear me, but I do hear you.  You do not really understand Me, but I do understand you.  Do not fear; I do not even for a moment move away from your side.  I Am walking with you, in tandem.  Your steps are My steps.  I Am going with you, wherever you are going, over mountain tops or through valleys, if they are easy or hard to climb, do not be afraid.  My presence will protect you everywhere and safely bring you to your goal.  Carry My kind of peace.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not stop halfway. Do not let your injuries and wounds slow you down.  Forget your losses.  Forget your defeats.  Forget your disappointments.  Everything will continue in this world anyway.  Do not live in the past.  In this world, nothing will remain in place.  No final stop.  Everything in this world continues going forward, even you, My child.  Keep going.  Expect new things.  Expect changes.  Experience changes.  Be open minded toward changes.  Learn to follow Me more intensively and to be where I Am.  I Am always moving ahead of you.  Whatever place you reach, I have already been there to prepare it for you, to settle down safely and soundly.  Keep trusting in Me.  



Thus says the Lord:   Your experiences up to now, if they were good or bad, will propel you forward.  They will lead you to perfection;  they lead you to glory;  they lead you to Me.  I Am allowing all of this.  I could stop it, but I want the best for you.  That is why I also allow the bitter herbs in your life, for your healthy growth .  They give your life the necessary flavor, the necessary beauty, the necessary shine and they make you precious in My sight.  Your battles, they make you strong, they make you to be a hero.  I have no negative ambitions at all with you.  



Thus says the Lord:   At the moment, you are being pressed from all sides.  Everybody wants something from you.  Your treasure, your riches is being tried to be robbed from you.  You have something they do not have.  That is why you are being attacked and have fights.  Do not get swallowed-up from the fears to do battles.  Know that I Am holding My protecting hand over your life.  At the deciding moment, I will pull you out and free you from the situation.  You live under My leadership and protection.  Be without fear.  Do not worry about anything.  Do not give-up and  do not overexert yourself.



Thus says the Lord:   I have blessed you with all you have need of.  I gave you money and talents, use them.  Do not hoard what you receive from Me.  Invest your life in profitable ways.  Do something sensible.  Do not waste your life with pondering and philosophizing.  Do not over-talk My secrets.   Judge nothing and noone.  Let Me handle all things.  Watch over My leading of your life.  I desire to make the best out of your life, or let you do it.  Become a doer of My Word.  MY grace accompanies you.



Thus says the Lord:    To you I Am as a strong tower.  With Me you are safe.  I have the last word and I Am in full control.  Do not worry or fret about anything.  Have no fear of storms you encounter or anybody criticizing you.  You are MY child.  I Am placing Myself behind you.    I AM turning everything around you to good.  Try to understand My ways, even when they appear odd to you.  Try to exercise thanksgiving.  MY angels will lead and protect you.  They will not depart from you.



Thus says the Lord:   Follow Me and My leading.  I will lead you correctly.  MY angels want to accompany you and surround you.  Listen to My voice.  Know My Word and My will for you.  Not all roads that are open before you are My ways for you.  Find out which way will bring you to Me.  You have a destination.  Do what is sensible, something lasting, something in My will.  Do not keep busy with trivial things, with formalities, with straw.  Do not give up your faith and trust in Me.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not be carried away with every wind of doctrine.  My hand will lead you and hold on to you.  Know Me and My Word.  Live by My revelation.   Be filled with My Holy Spirit, convinced and living with the knowledge He is giving you.  Do not allow the opinions you hear from others to influence you.  Allow Me to be part in your decision-making.   Have Me participate in your battles and challenges.  Remember whose you are.  I desire to be your righteous Father.  I want to supply all you have need of, and I want to give you a life of  "more than enough".



Thus says the Lord:   My Power becomes mighty in the weak ones.  Do not continue to put your trust in helpless human beings who themselves  urgently need help, not knowing how to continue on.  I will become  your sanctuary.  Relieve yourself of your unnecessary burdens.  I will lead and steer your life and take responsibility for you.  I will tell you what is important and most necessary for you.  I Am healing your wounds and your past.  Blot out the negative past from your life.  Before Me, you are a new creation.



Thus says the Lord:   Have an open ear for My word.  Take to heart My directions and corrections.  You have to make important decisions.  For those you need My support.  Wait for My go-ahead before you begin.  Do nothing without getting My agreement.  This way, you save yourself from much annoyance and unrest. I want to lead you on a strait and level path.  Know My goals for you and learn to understand My ways.   Recognize My path is in your life.   I brought you to this point.  You have seen much of Me already, heard much and experienced much.  But you shall see greater things as you have seen and heard before.  Simply stay with Me, live in Me and only for Me.  Do not allow for anyone to manipulate you.  



 Thus says the Lord:    I Am bursting apart your horizon.  I Am widening your life.  With Me, you reach a new plateau.  Begin to do new things.  Do not continue to think of your past.  Do not talk about her; do not think about her; do not allow her to keep you in bondage.  Separate and sever yourself completely from her, because I have already loosened you from her a long time ago and directed you to walk new paths  with Me.  The more often you come into My presence, the more I reveal Myself to you, the more I will reward you.



Thus says the Lord:    I AM standing by you, even when all others desert you.  I AM turning Myself fully toward you.  You are precious in My eyes.  For you I gave My Son and gave you the Holy Spirit.  To you I gave "the church" the community of believers.  To you I gave My Word.  To you I gave the promises and words of encouragement.  I will do everything for you.  I desire your perfection.  I want you to reach your goal.  I desire for you to be where I AM.  I want for you to do what I have done.  I want you to continue to go the road  I Am leading you on.  Everything is designed for eternity, believe that.



Thus says the Lord:    Be fearless.  I have control over the whole earth and also over your life.  I speak the last word.  I have everything in My hand.  You are My possession.  Have no fear to walk My path.  Have no fear to do My will.  Have no fear to serve Me.  Profess Me boldly.  The good, the truth and the light will still prevail.  Continue on the path  I Am leading you on.   Even when they are steep and stony, they have a goal.  Do not despair on your obstacles, overcome them.



Thus says the Lord:   My heart beats for you.  Be encouraged, for I will always be with you.  You are carved deeply into My hands and no one is allowed to tear you out.  I Am holding on to you.  You are too precious to Me.  I will not give you up.  Do what you are supposed to do.  The instructions are from Me, even when you do not recognize it. Take care of them joyously, even the small things.  Despise not small beginnings.  All things start small.  Do not mind to be with the small ones, I Am with them too.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not doubt My love for you.  I do not look at your imperfections, your failings and shortcomings.  I even out all the imperfect things in your life with My completeness.  I, the complete One, finish the work I started in you.  I Am giving you the desire and the ability to complete it.  I fill your shortcomings with My riches. Simply depend upon ME, not on your own mind and definitely not on the opinion of others.  MY goodwill toward you should be determining your life.



Thus says the Lord:    Do not fear the ones who oppose you.  They are already defeated by Me and I have them solidly in My hand.  Your struggles are already decided and sealed in My victories.  Rest in My peace, My grace and My definite YES for you.  I have chosen you a long time ago, before you were born and chose to follow Me.  I already wanted you then. Live consciously in My presence.  Do not allow for anything to come between us.    



Thus says the Lord:   My Spirit will lead, fill and mold you according to My will. Therefore do not operate in the usual ways, but learn to be lead by My Spirit.  My Spirit will direct you in impossible and unusual ways.  I Am connecting you to people whom you do not know yet.  I Am building bridges for you that do not exist for you yet.  I Am your road-building superintendent and course director. I Am looking after your development.  Trust in ME.  Therefore, be confident and walk in My sight.



Thus says the Lord:    Today I Am giving you My power that you may be able bear and also carry everything.  Without Me you could not do anything.  Therefore live from My power and grace.  My all-mightiness fills in for your powerlessness.   My strength compensates for  your weakness.  The difficulties that are still plaguing you today will tomorrow become wonders for you, that will astound you.  Today's still closed doors will open for you and closed-up springs (sources) will flow again.  Just stick with Me for I will personally look afer your progress.  Do not count and work with big numbers for I work in the small, through the weak, through the small.



Thus says the Lord:   Watch the daily happenings in your life.  I Am present in your daily activities, in your life.  I Am where you are you are battling, where you need help and comfort.  I Am where otherwise no one else goes.  Be calm.  What you meet today will be a springboard for tomorrow's great experiences.  Your humiliations will become your rising points.  When you stay quiet, I will speak for you.  I will not allow for My child to be pulled into the dirt or having dirt thrown at him.  I will fight for you;  you just have to remain quiet.   Do not be irritated by your enemies and opponents.  



Thus says the Lord:   Do not be surprised when unusual things are coming your way.  I allow things to happen around you that you cannot explain.  Things you cannot steer or control.  Be neither horrified or surprised.  Think about what it is.  Satan is furious, because you have become too dangerous for him and you are coming to Me and trust in Me.  He wants to tear you away from Me.  Do not lose heart or be discouraged for I Am protecting you.  He is not allowed to touch your soul.  The victory, the break-through and the decision will be brought through Me.  MY hand will help you.  I guarantee you My presence.  My protection and My power is with you because I send you not unstrengthened or unprotected out into life.  I Am with you and I will not leave you.



Thus says the Lord:    Do not look at your shortcomings and your outer condition.  Do not look at your heritage or your education.   Do not feel sorry and  lower yourself anymore. Do not continually look at your infirmities.  Do not be discouraged when you see one or another falling.  They are falling for you to see, that they are falling with My hand and are also subject to My grace.  MY fallen warriors are not forgotten.  I build them a memorial.  I bestow special honors to them, for they fell battling for me.  They gave their life for Me.  Their life was not lived in vain.  What you do for me is also not in vain.  Continue to be brave and daring.  Live by My word and not by your feelings and the opinion of other people.



Thus says the Lord:   Do not look at your small beginnings, which may be weak or slight.  You are asking yourself, what is this, when the need for greater results appear so obvious.  You feel helpless.  You may only progress wearisome and slow.  The big results seem to evade you, even when others seem to achieve them, except yourself.  Do not let yourself be deceived by momentary impressions.  Even the little that is happening through you,  is much.  I do not need the large quantities.  My Kingdom is being build in small increments and by weak vessels.  Keep your hand on the plow.  Continue to serve Me as before.  Leave the end-results to Me.  I know exactly what I Am doing.  Let My grace be enough for you.



Thus says the Lord:   Stay on My path, even when it at the moment appears to be stony, dangerous and heavy to climb and you are making slow headway because of the strong and icy wind, blowing in your face.  Know for sure, that I Am with you.  Just stay ready and willing to be lead by My Spirit.  What I have begun in you, My grace and My power will finish in your life.  Believe My message.  Depend upon My Words, enjoy and appreciate the place where I have put you.  In your place of worship, I will reveal Myself more to you.   Be loyal with everything you do.  Do what you are capable of  and let ME handle the rest for you.  



Thus says the Lord:    Do not be appalled what you find in your life.  Your current condition is My working place, the location of My revelation.  I want to remove the rubble and refuse from your life.  I will heal your wounds again.  I want to set you on solid ground again and rebuild your life anew.  Stay relaxed and calm.  All you learn and experience serves to bring you to completion.  You are in the middle of MY rebuilding-process.  The battles do not weaken you, they make you strong.  Your challenges will just enrich your life.  You have no reason to doubt, for I AM with you.



Thus says the Lord:    It is astonishing what I was able and permitted to accomplish in your life so far. Just think back, where you came from,  what you were and what you were stuck in.  I only remind you of your past to be gracious and merciful to your brothers and sisters.  It did not go too fast with you, why then should it work faster for them?  Show patience with your fellowman, they all will be brought to completion  through ME.  Stay with the humble and weak and be a spiritual pillar to them and an example by your believing.  I Am blessing you that others may also be blessed through you.  I Am strengthening you, so you may strengthen others.  I Am teaching you, so you  may give My message to others too.  I love you, that you may love others also.  What you see Me doing, do also for others.  This way, you fulfill My will.



Thus says the Lord:   I have redeemed you that you may show many others the way of salvation.  Your calling is that of a guide.  You shall be a channel for My blessing.  I bless you, that through you others may also be blessed.  I Am strengthening you, that you may strenghten  the broken-hearted.  I strengthen you, to serve the weak ones.  I Am doing good for you , that through you, My goodness will become visible in the world.  Your life should be a testimony for the world and a light for those who sit in darkness and are without hope.  From your life will flow streams of living waters to those who are thirsty and desperate.  Be open for Me and MY blessing.




Thus says the Lord:   I Am giving you a heart full of love.  Especially for those who do not deserve it, the unlovable and the outsiders, the small and the weak, the poor, cast-out and despised.  I Am giving you a generous heart.  I give you much power to be able to handle the tasks I have given you.  To handle the challenges coming your way.  Nothing will be too much for you.  I Am filling your hands with everything you have need of and to serve Me agreeably.  You shall be a channel of My glory, one who receives from Me and then divides up the goods among the needy.  Spend much time in My presence and do not  let anyone rob you of that time, because here you are being prepared and strengthened for your life's work.  Whenever  you are serving others, you are serving ME.



Thus says the Lord:   I would like to talk to you.  I have much to say to you.  I want to give you revelations, sightings and visions.  Be open to MY Spirit.  Hear My Word.  Do not miss coming to My house, for here you will be inspired anew every time.  Here you learn to know My voice.  Here you will be enriched.  Here you will find treasures for your soul.  Here you are being fed to the full.  I still have to give you so much.  In My house, My  riches  are ready to be picked up.  Discover them!  Become a listener.  Learn to distinguish My voice from others.  Live in fellowship with ME.  Do not neglect My places of meeting, the places I have chosen.  Stay with My people.  Do not separate yourself.  Do not look for extra things.  Wherever you are, there you will find ME.






Thus says the Lord:   Life and believing is not paradise.  Rough and ice-cold winds blow here.  Heavy storms rage.   It is like hell on earth.  Here you feel so powerless and that is good.   In your weaknesses, you will discover My strength and in your defeats you will discover My victories and find out that without Me, you can do nothing.  Your dependency upon Me makes you strong, makes you resourceful, makes you handy and flexible.  My Spirit enables you to do things, you would have not even dared to dream about.  Hello?  My presence dispels all fears , all cowardice, every concern and all oppression.  Therefore stay consistently in union with me. Just be loyal and patient.    



Thus says the Lord:   In this world the lights are slowly going out.  Day by day it is going darker and more gloomy.  Most people loose their overview, they cannot see the connections anymore.  They are full of doubt and suspicion.  But you, My child, are a lightbeam for your dark surroundings.  Even when your earthen lamp is breakable, paltry and weak, there is still My power working in it.  Other people are orientating themselves with you.  One reason to keep what you have.  Do not loose your faith, your courage, your joyfulness; do not get tired and let the lamp of your love go out.  Do not give up.  That is what the enemy of your soul is waiting for.  Because then he has destroyed you and your house.  But you, My child, keep-up your hope and let noone distract you from reaching your goal.      



Thus says the Lord:   You have learned well, you have discovered, you have been transferred into a new world.  Because of My Spirit you became a child of God..  You are ripening and are beginning to carry fruit.  Your life has become precious.  You are beginning to grow beyond your self.  All that used to be important to you  passed you by and is being forgotten; a new creation is growing in you.  Your appearance is more and more like My Son Jesus.  Continue on!  Stay with your first love and allow nothing and no  one to change  your course.  Kindle even more giftings and spheres in your life and serve only Me with all you have, even when you begin to experience resistance.  The good will succeed.  Do not allow people to manipulate you.  Go strictly by My Word, My revelations and the leading of My Spirit.  Only walk My paths.      



Thus says the Lord:   Be, where My fire is burning.  Where My Spirit is present.   Where you can hear My voice.   Where you hear prophecy and the Word of Wisdom.   Where I Am allowed to reveal Myself   Where I Am loved and being welcomed.   Where My advise is being followed and My children are walking along My path.  Where people are being loved and received,  the way I received them.  Where people are being served in My power.  This is where you should spend your time, for only there you can receive My fire and become a useful tool in My hand.  I want your growth, your progress and your perfection.  Only in spirit-lead meetings I can bless you, where healing is preached, only there you can become a holy one.  Only there I can shape you.



Thus says the Lord:    I see your good intensions, your honest wishes.  You are looking for the right things, but again and again, others ( spirit and godless ones) are trying to turn you off this road.  Do not be distracted, or taken in by them.  Do not become their slave.  Let the dead bury their dead, but you follow Me consistently, as I have taught you, shown you and you have found in My word.  Beware of contamination.  I only bless the clean, true and humble.  Do not try to please man.  Do everything to My honor.  Do not compare yourself with others, be original. Be true to yourself.  



Thus says the Lord:     I Am your true strength.  Therefore,  try with My strength to move your mountains, to close the lion's mouth, to extinguish or neutralize the power of fire, to conquer your giants.  Do not let the flow of power from My Spirit into your life be interrupted.  You will receive the greatest power in your life during your largest weakness, in your misery, in your greatest failures, at your lowest point.  As I brought forth My greatest victory in My greatest defeat, at the cross;  so will you achieve your greatest triumph in the weakest moment of your life. Do not be ashamed of the cross, for within it, the greatest power is hidden.  Do not give-up.  Walk bravely alongside Me to the goal.  Do not let mockerers around you make you insecure.    



Thus says the Lord:   I will never leave you.  When you are going through the waters, I Am with you.  When you are going through the fire, I Am with you.  When you have to go through storms, I Am with you.  When you are scared,  I Am with you.  When you live through lack, I Am with you.   When you are lonely, I Am with you.  When you are suffering and are sick,  I Am with you.  When you mourn and cry, when all becomes too hard and unbearable,  I Am with you.  When you fail, when you fall and stumble, I Am with you.  When you do not know how to continue,  I Am with you.  When you got lost and all things go against you,  I Am with you.  When Satan attacks you, when people bear false witness against you, I Am with you.  When bad things are happening, I Am with you.  Be assured, I will never forsake you.



Thus says the Lord:    I satisfy your life with good things.  Everything you need  comes from Me.  Do not worry.  Do not take things so hard.  You are not fighting alone, I Am fighting with you.  Why are you so concerned about temporal things?  I came to give you life and fullness.  MY actions on you are grace and mercy.  I Am gifting you, without cost, without deposit or preconditions.  I expect from you nothing in return, except your " Thank You."   Giving is My character, My nature.  When I succeed in blessing you, I Am satisfied.  I like to see you happy and merry.  You shall be completely free from the power of the evil one.  




Thus says the Lord:   Watch who you are associating with.  Give the wicked  no room in your life.  Do not do all the things others are doing.  Do not believe what all others believe.  You are an original, one of a kind. Walk MY way.  Do not agree with the world.  Do not compare or measure yourself against others.  I have called you by your name and you are mine; be (or agree to become) My possession.  Listen to Me.  Do only what I tell you or show you.  Do not enter any discussions with the evil or the evil ones.  Ignore the negative.  Talk different than the others.  Praise and worship Me and give Me all the honor.  Give thanks for everything at all times.  Have the courage to be different from the others.  Have the courage to swim against the current.  Have the courage to have an other opinion. Have the courage to live a different life.



Thus says the Lord:    Even when you cannot see the way for yourself yet, I know it.  Follow My voice, step by step.  You can trust Me blindly.  I will lead you along the right path and move you away from the most dangerous situations.  Stay in communication with me and do not allow for anything to come between us.   Open your heart to no one except for Myself.  I have good plans and intentions for you.  I give you the desire and the power to come to your fulfillment.  With Me, you will reach all your goals.   Do not doubt MY all mighty power.  I always do, what I said I would do.  Trust in ME.



Thus says the Lord:    You are in My educational camp.  You are moving through My educational program.  In association with Me and your  brethren, you learn more about My purposes and goals.   Here you discover your strength and your weaknesses.  Here a balance will return to your life.  Do not leave the classes early.  Do not desert the meetings.  They are your rest-stops in your pilgrimage toward Me.  Here you can re-charge your batteries.  Here you are safe at night, from the storms and dangers of life.  Here I Am present.  Here I give you additional instructions, stick close!



Thus says the Lord:   I want to be asked.  I act, when you ask.  Pray simple, pray childlike, pray believing.  When you pray, look at no one else but Me and to impress no one but Me.  You are My child and I Am your Father and I always want only the best for you.  In prayer we speak with one another, of:  when, how, where and what should happen.  I gladly listen to you, when you speak to Me, emptying your heart to Me.  Your prayers  are My most beautiful time with you.  I yearn for your prayers.  I Am waiting for this conversation, your call. I want to hear your voice in My glory.  The angels stop singing when My children begin to pray.  Your prayers are more important to Me than their songs.  I want to hear You.  The whole heaven is quiet when you are speaking to Me.  You are My child.  You are important to ME.    



Thus  says the Lord:   I will always be found where I Am really being honored, where I Am fully being served, where I Am gladly being heard, where I Am wholeheartedly being welcomed.  Where love is reigning.  I Am always looking at the heart.  I Am listening to the language of the heart.  Gestures, lips and festive attire do not blind or dazzle Me.  Important to Me is only what is coming from the heart.  Everything you do, do it from the heart and out of love.  Listen to your heart, obey the voice of your heart and not only your mind.  Allow your heart to be full of Me, full of My Holy Spirit.  Honor Me with all you are, you have and know.  



Thus says the Lord:   Never be afraid. From no one and of nothing.  Be fearless.  Be solidly grounded in My Word.  Be at all times filled by My Spirit.    Do not scare so easily.  Do not drop before anyone onto your knees.  If you are standing straight before Me, you will be fearless and unshakable.  My love makes you fearless.  You are My child.  What can happen to you?  You cannot fall lower then into My hand.  Just stick close to ME.  Keep aligning yourself with Me.  Ask always and only for Me, and you will never fail.  Your help, your support and your attitude come from Me and through Me.  



Thus says the Lord:    Depend exclusively on My power.  It is the same power that is holding the universe together.  The same way people cannot fight against the laws of nature and are powerless against them, so is the evil powerless against My power.  My power becomes mighty in the weak things, even in you.  No one can win against you.  No one can bring harm to you, even when everything is against you, sworn to attack and defeat you.  It will not succeed, because I AM with you.  Do not be fearful and timid or modest, when you are working in My affairs.  Speak unconcerned about Me.  Speak, what you should speak in My name and do, what you should do in My name.  You are My child, you are someone special.  You have been commissioned, because you have found grace in My sight.  Simply risk to live with Me.  I live, and you should live also.  I have taken the power from the spirit of death.  I have overcome sin and the devil.  I have been victorious against the powers of hell.  Stay close to Me, My child, and you will also be an overcomer.  Walk My way, fight for My purposes, suffer for My message, serve My community and My kingdom.  Rule with Me and do all My works, live My life, speak My words.  With Me you break through all your limitations.  As long as I Am the Lord of your life, you will be unbeatable.  Allow Me to continue to be in command of your life.  



Thus says the Lord:      Recognize the reason for your redemption.  Everything I Am doing in you, has a reason.  I have cleaned you up.  I have renewed you.  I have restored you, that you might show My love to the world.  You are My signpost.  What I was able to do for you, that I can also for others through you.  I have illuminated you, that you might lighten up My world.  I have healed your inner wounds, that you might heal others and to deliver them from the Power of evil.  Remember, you have been redeemed for a purpose.  I have blessed you, that through you, others  might blessed.  I Am helping you, that through you others might receive help.  I Am strengthening you, that be able to strengthen others around you and to give them new hope in life.  For Me you are a specially selected tool.  



Thus says the Lord:   For you, My salvation and My help, My signs and wonders are waiting.  Often, it appears as if you were in a lions den,  and they are looking threatening and dangerous.  But they cannot do anything to you.  I Am holding them back.  The evil one is not allowed to touch you,  scare you, or bring you out of your concept.  My child, do not be annoyed of the godless and the ones opposing you.  Stay calm and collected.  Do not allow to be shoved, from no one and nothing.   Allow the weeds to grow, as I Am doing.  All things in this world have their time.   Everything in this world is transitory, only I remain who I Am.  With Me, you live differently, having a fulfilled life.  You live out of My grace.


Words from the Lord...
received from Pastor Joh.W.Matutis