Declarations that have helped me...

Pastor Joh.W. Matutis 


Dear friends,

here are a few ‘prayers’ or ‘declarations’ which have been really helpful to me.

I speak them out loud, regularly, and have done so for more than 30 years.

Man is what he believes, thinks and says he is. That is why thoughts are powerful and powers are to be commanded.


These words I received back then during a 40 day fast.

God said I should speak to my ‘mountains’, problems etc. and they would give way.

I have had very good experiences in doing this. Since then, I have been practising the‘self control’ over my life.


I tell myself, my soul, my spirit what I want. I follow the instruction of the bible which says; ‘Let the weak say I am strong and the poor say I am rich’ (Joel 4:10) etc

 The Apostle Paul declared for instance; ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Phil. 4:13).

In Psalm 23, David says ‘the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.... ..... I shall fear no evil... Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life’.

I consciously use the ‘I’ form, because Jesus is in me. For the kingdom of God is within me. (Luke 17:21)


My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so the Godhead lives in me.

I have learnt, that when I say ‘I’, I am not allowed to say anything negative afterwards.


I’, that is the name for God. By our words are we either justified or condemned. Death

and life (success or failure) are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

Jesus always said, ‘be it unto you, according to your faith.’


Declarations, like I have used them for many years.  I speak prophetically, in faith, and simply call these things into existence.

Repeat these declarations over and over.



Speak these words now loud.


Just say them...

-  Jesus Christ and His Spirit live in me

-  I am connected to God, and filled with the Godhead

-  I have a part in the godly nature

-  I have found my way to God, this way I follow

-  I am loved, wanted and chosen by God

-  I have a right to my existence from God

-  I simply believe in God’s omnipotence.

God has everything under control for me. God is my Lord

-  I believe in His (God’s) wisdom, power and presence. With God, nothing isimpossible

-  God does everything for me

- I believe in success, victory and blessing. These have been promised me by God.

- I anticipate success in all aspects of my life (success, for me, is another wordfor

blessing well-being, wealth  andvictory)

-  I direct am headingammy life towards success, and refuse to be dissuaded from it.

God wants the best for mylife.

-  I am the captain of my life

-  I hold my course on God and eternity

-  I keep successful people in mind

-  I believe in a fulfilled life

-  I am filled with God’s love. He loves me boundlessly.

-  I am filled with the power of the Holy Spirit

-  I am filled with health and well-being

-  A sit is with my soul, so is it really with me.

-  I let it go well with my soul

-  God gives me new, successful thoughts, incentives and revelations.

-  I am led by His Spirit

- Interesting impulses, inspirations and incentives fly to me

-  I am beginning to live like a Visionary

-  I do not weary my self with negative people, with their negative views.

-  I reject negative, destructive criticisms. I say, ‘yes, you are correct, but……’

-  I don’t waste my valuable energy with critics and pessimists

-  I don’t waste my precious time with aimless people, or things that lead nowhere.

- I don’t occupy myself with sicknesses, cares and needs. I only allow myself to betreated

by a doctor, when I am in pain. I free myself from medicationaddiction. I free myself from

everything that makes me ill. My hurts I give to God.

- I allow sickness no power over my life

-  My faith is not in experts

-  I do not dramatise

-  I make no tragedies out of my problems

-  I take life calmly

-  I don’t speak to everybody about my problems. All my cares and challenges, I give

over to Jesus Christ.

-  I can wait patiently until God intervenes and acts. Jesus Christ has delivered me from

the Wicked, from evil and from sin.

-  I no longer brood over yesterday

-  I have nothing more to do with the devil, demons and the negative.  I dissociate

myself from them

-  I am free from every curse and condemnation

-  I let go, and I loose myself from every thing that weighs me down.

-  I am heir to the blessings of Jesus

-  I motivate myself daily. Being that self control is a fruit of the Spirit.

-  I decide for myself, what I want and what I do not

-  I sharpen my spirit, I learn new thoughts, new declarations and prayers

- I search for the right words for the right moment

-  I wait for the right moment, on God’s time

-  I wait for inspiration, incentives and impulses from God

-  I wait for His leading in my life


-  I wait on God’s word (on the Rhema, the inspired word of God for my situation, for

my problem etc.)

-  I create my strength from the supernatural, from faith, prayers and God’s word. I do what God says.

- I experience God’s wonders  

- I listen to motivating preaching, constructive speeches, and bother myself about positive people.

-  I sing faith building, and positively motivating songs

-  I anticipate godly Dreams and visions (man is a spirit being)

My subconscious tells me what I have to do

-  I do not fear, for God is with me. He surrounds me on every side

-  I am living my dream.

-  I take risks – try out new paths – dare to venture into new, extraordinary and unexpected things                                                          

-  I am open to new things

-  I approach my difficulties with determination. I am not afraid of them. I do not surrender to them.

- I assert myself in my environment.

- I have vitality and resistibility from God

- I refuse to be eliminated, discriminated or discouraged

- I will hold out. I have the stamina to do so.

- I am convinced of my God, and of myself

- I know whom I have believed, and whom I trust

- I have a mission in this world. God is with me, wherever I go. I am never alone.

- I am being used of God, and I let myself be used of Him. My life has a godlydimension to it.

- I serve God and man

- I constantly seek the best for my fellow humans

- I want the best for my family, my city, my country and my church, for my firm, myfriends, my colleagues, my neighbours etc.

- I do not fulfil every wish that comes by. I can also say ‘NO’.

- I free myself from all my addictions, all bondages and every weight.

- I lay aside every negative virtue.

- I forget the lost battles, my defeats and mistakes. God is healing my negative remembrances.

- I do not take disappointments too seriously, and forgive everyone who hasdisappointed me.

- I free myself from disappointments.

- I do not ever provoke conflict.

- I would rather be a living coward, than a dead hero

- I would rather avoid conflicts and trouble when possible

- I provoke no one

- I pattern my life as is necessary.

- I do only that which is useful to me, to others or to the kingdom of God

- I know my limits, and live within them

- I expend my energies only for the good

- I differentiate between the important and the unimportant

- I ask myself daily, what I can do without, what I can give up. I do not stress myself unnecessarily.

- I have no interest in pampering senseless traditions and dead religions. I am forgingahead with God.

- I hold to my goals, ideals and rationale.

- I avoid agitations, trouble and arguments. Itake no part in rebellion.

- I avoid every cause for panic and stress.

- I don’t give in to assumptions.

- I am not afraid.

- I avoid people who do not rhyme with me.

- I want to feel well. I avoid the wicked and the evil.

- I don’tmake lazy compromises, because complaisance does not pay off. I only do that which I want.

-  I speak only good of my partner, children, church, of myself, my spirit, my body,my firm etc.

-  In Christ, I am a new creature, a new man.

- I believe in myself, because God believes in me, and trusts me. God is mypartner. I am a friend of God.

- I love myself, because God loved me and gave Jesus for me.

- I am precious.

- Success, whatever that means, to me, is attainable.

- When I serve God’s purposes, He serves mine too.

-  I am consistent, decided and determined in everything I do.

-  I have a positive charisma.

-  I want to win, because I was born and created to win.

-  I am in charge of every situation. With Christ, I dominate everything that makesout my life. By His power, I control my feelings, my thoughts and my dreams.

-  I always think and speak the positive.

-  I wish everyone happiness, success and well-being

- I make the best out of every situation and happening in my life. Everything works for my good. My real strength comes from the unseen world to my thoughts, fromprayers, from faith in God.

- I have clear goals which lead me to success.

- I live from my goals – I live for eternity.

- I am excited about heaven. I am full of hope and expectation.

- I believe - thus I speak

- I work hard – I leave nothing to coincidences.

  I speak positive, affirmative prayers and‘declarations’ like these here.

- I am careful of my posture

- I walk with my head held up high

- I listen to my body

- I always ask myself what messages sicknesses, difficulties amongst others, haveto convey to me. I interpret them

- I seek answers. For me every sickness is an alarm signal for my body.

- I internalize my goals.

- I ensure the constant renewing of my inner man. The spirit of God changes mepositively.

- I budget with my money, divide it and bring my tithes to God in the church, andinvolve God in my finances.

- I let God know what I use my money for.

- I am rich through God’s blessings. Everything that is God’s is mine also. Hegives me all that I need

- I am God’s collaborator

- I am thankful to my God and to my fellow man

- I always show my thankfulness to all people at all times

- I feel happy and protected in God

- I allow no negative feelings access to me

- I always stay calm and wait on God, no matter what happens

- I am tolerant, allowing others to be different.

- I forgive everybody

- I hold no grudge against anyone.

- I accuse no-one. I harm no one.

- I judge and condemn no one.

- I am prejudiced against no one.

- I live without prejudices

- I take nothing too personal

- I do not allow myself to be hurt.

- The Lord is my shield and my protection.

- I am secure in my God

-  He will fight for me, take revenge on my behalf and defend me.

-  I have refuge with God.

-  I avoid every panic, every chaotic thought.

-  I live in harmony

-  I work according to plan, training myself in order to be better tomorrow than Iam today.

- I am a possibility thinker, for with my God, nothing is impossible. God is myhelp, the one

who strengthens me.

- I must neither fight nor atone for anything. Jesus has already done that for me.

-  I live a fulfilled life despite some unfulfilled wishes. God is interested in myhappiness.

-  I reckon always and overall, with God’s intervention.

-  I reckon with the provision through my heavenly father.

-  I am a ‘righteous one’, and do not beg for bread 

-  I receive all I need from Him. It will always be given me. I reckon with wonders

-  I create from want, and I ‘shall not want’ (See also Psalm 23. The Lord ismy shepherd)

-  I say, ‘Abba dear father’ to God

- I live from God’s grace – the mercy and the grace of God

- I have been endowed from God. Everything I need, I find in God. He is the sourceof my life. God’s abundance awaits me.

-  He al this God’s will for me.

-  God wants me to lead the life of an overcomer, and to have victory

-  I am a doer of God’s word, His commands and His will

-  I make use of all that I have, and am, in order to be successful

-  I work together with others

-  I make use of my performance today, as a spring board for tomorrow

- I live consciously. I look ever forward. The future holds unimaginable possibilitiesin store. I make use of them.

- I am ready to walk new paths

- I know I cannot do everything at once; I therefore buy myself success in small steps. I move forward step by step.

- I am resilient and patience, because I depend on God.

- In the stillness, I mature to a personality

- My success experiences are my milestones

- I live today, now and here. God takes care of my future

- I overcome every hindrance my success, all blockades and every resistance

- The almighty God is with me.

- I concentrate on my successes and not on my disappointment and defeats.

I live inaccordance with my goals.

 - I look forward, and not backwards

-  I refuse to be deterred by the negative, or from fears.

-  I resist my opositions

- I do not get annoyed over anything or anybody. My annoyances and disappointments I give over to God

- I leave no room for bitterness and resentment in my life.

-  I speak negative of no one

-  I do not bear grudges

-  I neither judge nor condemn anyone

- I do not remember insults and misunderstandings

-  I am generous to all. I want only the best for everyone

-  I am a giver. I do good and help the poor.

-  I invest myself in others. I teach others to do good

-  I have no inferiority complex

-  I neither measure nor compare myself with others

-  I am an original. God wanted me just as I am.

-  I accept myself –  because God accepts me

-  I think and speak good of myself

-  I am careful of my health

-  I nourish myself, and also live healthy

-  I take out time for my family

-  I terminate every shady, sad and depressive thought, and do not occupy myselfwith them.

-  I listen to my inner voice, to my heart, to God’s word.

-  I am led of God and His Spirit

- I pamper my good thoughts, like a gardener pampers his garden. This is why I make these declarations daily

-  I refuse to be enslaved by public opinion, mode or trends

-  I form my own opinion above all,

-  I crave the good things

-  I am full of positive expectations

-  I think big, pray big and act big, and I will grow big

-  I strive for the Godly

-  I look for the positive in the bible, and speak about it

- I attract everything positive to myself like a magnet

-  I ask and receive, I seek and I find

-  I look only forward, to the future, to eternity, to success. The best is yet tocome for me.

-  I do not bother with lukewarm christians, with grouches and critics

-  I go with God in cadence.

- I am not unequally yoked together with the unbelievers, the pessimists and the doubters.

-  I neither look to bad people, nor pattern myself after failures, but afterheroes.

- I am not afraid that I will disgrace myself or fail. God is with me. With Hishelp, my life is a success.

-  I forgive myself, and forget the past

-  I do not doubt God’s goodness and faithfulness towards me.

-  I am building God’s kingdom, and God will also build and promote mine.

-  I serve and help others.

-  I harvest the good that I sow

-  I have received gifts from God, which I also use

- I give my fellow humans good words to go with, and encourage them and help them up. I bless them.

- I do not ever give up – I give up on no man, not also on myself. I always try again.

With God’s help, I can make it!

Repeat these declarations over and over. They are confessions and prayers.

Speak the words out loud. Your conscious and subconscious will perceive them and make them a program in your life.

Now, I wish you good success with your selfcontrol.

Your Pastor Joh. W. Matutis

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Please forward these declarations to your friends and acquaintances as well. Thank you