When the United States of America (hereinafter called the U.S.)  declares
bankruptcy and “goes down the drain” one should not be wondering
at such a scenario.

Attached is one of the newest photos (see attached) where Obama is
being blessed by a Hindu priest in the White House.
That is not going to get unpunished.

At the occasion of  the July 2007 inauguration session for the ensuing series
of sessions of the U.S. Senate a Hindu priest blessed and sanctified the U.S.
nation and  the world economics in the name of Hindu gods.  Right after this
occasion the world economic crisis began.

At that time a Hindu priest read from the book of the ancient Hindu Vedes
and called upon the spirits of the earth, the seas and the winds.
One of the Christian faithfuls attending cried:  “Oh God, forgive us these
abominations!”  Immediately, ushers seized the caller and forcibly carried
him out of the auditorium.

Calmly, the Hindu priest restarted the ceremony from the very beginning
and finished the ceremony and sanctification.

What happened then?
According to a press release of  July 14, 2007 giant hornets and wasps
captured the U.S. Congressional building. Some 16 swarms of these insects
(up to 2 inches in size) seized the building.

God said in the bible (2. Mose 23, 27-29):  “ I will send my fear before you,
I will cause confusion  among all the people …..and I will send hornets
before you….and the beasts of the field will become too numerous for you to
cope with them…

That was the punishment for the peoples, i.e. the Hivites, the Canaanites
and the Hittites that have worshiped idols.  They worshiped  as their main
deity the god of the earth, the god of the winds and the god of the fire.
Exactly the same gods that the Hindu priest called upon during the U.S.
Senate session on July 13, 2007.

Since then, the U. S. is haunted by hurricanes and tornados, its woods and
forests are burning (see fires in California) and lo and behold exactly
commencing on July 14, 2007 oil prices shot up from a low $65 to a
magical $147 per barrel.

Referring to Isa. 30, 25-26, God says  “…when the towers fall (on 9-11-01)  
the day of reckoning is come. A lot has happened since than that pertains
to the U.S. and the whole world and what is prophesized in the bible on
“the Antichrist and its totalitarian reign”. The U.S. has more and more
become a totalitarian surveillance regime with limitations on immigration
and travel, much like it was prevalent in the days of the Soviet Union or the
ex GDR. Nowadays, you must pay a fee of $10 to travel to the U.S., leaving
the question whether this is better than in the GDR times?

The prophet Ezekiel admonishes 2500 years ago on behalf of God
( see Ezekiel 7):  “I am calling upon you the most merciless peoples that they
may seize your most beautiful houses.  I will make an end with the arrogant
behavior of its inhabitants and everything they treasure most will I destroy.  
Panic and fear will I sent upon them. Everyone will try to save their very
life but they will not find the hiding places.”

Disaster upon disaster will come upon them…one horrific message chases
another. In vain will they seek comfort with the prophet of God. No priest
will have an answer for them, neither do any elders nor wise men. Even the
king  will become horrified and will  render lamentations of the dead. The
country men will be paralyzed of horror.  I demand reckoning from them of
their evil doings. I will judge them without mercy, because they have judged
others. Then they will know that I am the LORD…”

And then He continues:  “The day of judgment has arrived. Without ceasing,
disaster strikes. Violence and arrogance prevailed bringing forth injustice
after injustice. But of them that bet on violence and injustice, no one will
remain, even if they are without number playing boss. Their might and glory
will end…Their given time will soon be over. Soon, the day of judgment for
the U.S. is come.

It’s every man for himself.

Here at home a mass vaccination project is unfolding (see image 2 attached),
soon it may just look like that. Why should the military get a different type
of  vaccination than pregnant women (!) or everybody else? Just look at this
picture and think about it once more.

Perhaps these are the wolves, God showed me in that End-Time-Vision,
recently (read it at my home page under “Somethings”).
(or www.preach-in.de/content/category/5/17/42  / and see "End-Time-Vision")

I know, this is not just a simple flu-vaccination, there is a lot more to it
as you may think.  As a servant of God, I have got the task to warn my fellow
men about the impending judgments of God, in order to help them find refuge
and also not to trust these deceiving promises.

I am not getting anything out of this for my own benefit whether you believe
me or not. As a preacher I am only doing my job and preach what I am
conceiving from the Lord, whether this fits you or not.

Spiritual minded people understand the messages of God, though they
may sound foolish and comical to the ungodly. Just think about Noah,
Lot and others (see also Mathew 27,37-39 / Luke 17,26-34,  etc.)

True Children of God are in his hand – they do not have to be afraid
of pestilence and other calamities (see Ps. 91).

I am pointing out “TRUE children of God”.
Are you already a TRUE child of  God?
Are you certain about that?
Do you have this certainty from the Holy Ghost?
(see Rom. 8,14-16).  

Is the Holy Spirit guiding you?

I continue to pray for you.
Be blessed.

Pastor Joh. W. Matutis