Here a few excerpts from the many letters which I get daily.




Dear Pastor John,


... I want to  just say "thank you" for sending this letter to me.  It  has been very encouraging and a very timely message.  I will pray for  Berlin - that many people will come to know Jesus - the Altogether Lovely  One!!!  Thank you again and may the Lord richly bless the work of your  hands. Your sister in Christ, Marie F.




from Philippines


...It's Sunday evening here and I decided to drop you a note after I returned home from our Evening Service to let you know that we thank God for what He had done today! For some interesting news, this morning we had 116 in Sunday School and 150 during preaching service and we saw three souls professed faith in Christ at the altar call! Glory to God! Also we are all excited for our 2nd Annual Mission Conference come the 27th of October at 3PM. It is our desire to be of an encouragement to those 43 local missionaries who will be coming. I appreciate your prayers and support for this very special day of our Church. We are still awating for God's answers to some items to make this Conference to become another time of refreshing moments with those soldiers of Christ! We are confident He will never overlook them. Siegfred C. de G.




.... I thank you so much for ministering to me. It is always receiving blessings. PLEASE visit us here in Philippines. Rodrigo L. / Cebu City, Philippines




from Liberia


...can you come to visit us in Liberia West Africa. Pastor Judah Fl.




from Kenia


Praise the Lord pastor, ....Iam happy to hear an encouragement from the Lord trough you paster. I want to tell you what the Lord spoke to you about me is truth. I was discouraged in my life and in my ministry.


Now  i am finishing my study in Bible school in Kanya, Eldoret with a degree in christian ministry.Now it the time to go back in my country Burundi to begin the ministry.My discouragement was that i am going to begin a new life because i have 4years in Kenya. I have financial problem to begin life and the ministry in Burundi.... ...Do not stop to encourage me pastor  thank you. Yours Pastor Simon S.




...It was like you knew everything i was going through......some challenges in the ministry so bad that i was thinking of quiting completely. I pastor a Young church and recently i felt leaved and everything was not going right, but am empowered again.... Thank you for hearing God and obeying to post it on my mail expecially...


Pastor Mike B. / Eldoret /Kenia




...Thanks a lot for your prophetic word. Its quite accurate...The Lord bless you and enlarge your boundaries not only in Berlin but also in the other cities of Germany and other nations of the earth. I'll be praying with you as you have requested.Hezron, Kenya, Africa.




from Afrika


Hi pastor, It is really great to receive this prophetic message through you from the lord this morming. I want to confirm to you that this is timely and it for me and because it came this way, i trust God that by the same force the gate of hell will not prevail over his work here in Jesus name. May God stand faithful in your life and destiny in Jesus name, amen. We will continue praying for you and your ministry....


Pastor Solomon R.E. / Guine Bissau/ West Afrika




...You are in my prayers and I pray that you will reap a great harvest. Bishop T. D. T.




... thanks for the prophecy, I receive it. It is a timely message from the Lord indeed....I will remember to pray for Berlin and your ministry. ...I'm a pastor here in Mufulira, as a church we are great believers in healings. Last month we had a powerful revival. We conduct deliverance services every first week of every month. Our church is currently experiencing revival. ...In future if the Lord speaks to you, please come and minister in one of our revivals... Pastor C.P.M..






.... I receive this wounderful message of blessing to my life and ministry. Infact i have been expecting to hear this message long time, but thanks be to God who has use you to bring this message to me. Pastor, I will like you to put me in your prayers that the hand of God will rest upon my life and ministry here in the land of The Gambia.


 Evangelist Stanley C. O. An. / Gambia / West Africa




from South-Africa


... Thank you for your timely word. I am in the midst of a storm, sometimes weak in the flesh, but getting there.... Oo Ch. / Durban




....Wow! Thank you so much man of God, this is very encouraging particularly the struggles and challenges I have been facing both at work and family. Lazarus D. Le. / Botswana Southern Africa.




from Uganda


...We shall always remember you in our prayers that The Lord would have many people saved in Berlin...


Kato M. / Uganda, Africa




...What a sweet word of God that passed through your life ministry, may the Lord annoint you more and more for his own glory. The Lord also will make you a head above all ministers there in Germany and every one will know that your God is real.Even those that challenged you, year 2008 will come and bow before.


Mountains will humble to crush and you will have a leveled way to your ministry success. You will observe your enemies running away from all sides those who were stronger than you.The annointing of God will flow on your life like never before, miracles, signs and wonders will shower your ministry for the Lord has spoken. Rev. D. & A. R.




from Rumania


...Thank you for the word. It is appropriate for my situation. R. M. / OC Romania




...Thank you for your encouraging words! Onesimus from Alexandria / Romania




from Russia


...I appreciate your word of encouragement to me from the Lord. Ke. R. /Ekaterinburg, Russia




from Hungaria


...Thank you for your encouraging words. Pastor Glenn Ford (International Church of Budapest)




from Spain


....we will like to host you here in madrid, we are on the process of opening a ministry here in madrid spain. But we are really experiecing some finacial diffuculties, we will appreciate for any kind of support from your ministry, God will certainly Bless you and every member of your ministry as we labour together in the lord vineyard.


Pastor W. Madrid




from Pakistan


Dear Pastor, It's lovely to have a person like you. When there were lot of discouraging words around me your email really encourages me. I am going to Pakistan on 24th to do His work (our Lord's). All around me discourage me because of situation in Karachi (according to news they hear and see) but He has put in me a steadfast siprit and His word comes through you too is loke honey.


Many blessings!!!! Pastor W.




from USA


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement...Each one comes exactly at he times I need them and they are right on each time. I pray for God to bountfully bless you and your ministry in the ways that you need it the MOST.. Bless you, and I love you!!!  Vickie.




....The Faith given to me by Him is now strong, your word is right on and I live by it, thanks to  God's Grace. I love the Lord for the wonderful things I see Him do in my life and His Creation around me. I am very happy to get your message and want to encourage youback ... Andres San M.




....tears over flows hear heart and eyes as I was reading your mail. I really had not been understanding my Life. I been in door fasting and praying to God why all these struggles and resistance since Tuesday night and I just came out this morning and decided to check my mail. It is on time and came from the Lord. I am out of Lord but bless you and thank Him also for speaking into my life through you. Se




from Kerala/ India


...our God sent this message through you for me brother. I praise our Jesus for His help and for you.


Evangelist K Oo.




from Peru


...Thank you for the words you give me. I received in my life as the Lords one. Pastor Jorge B. Ch. / Arequipa - Peru


from Varanasi


...Your message was in right for me. I needed to hear this . L.-Na.




from USA


 ...You made my day Rossy. God bless you and all your in 1000folds in Jesus name, Amen. Pastor Co.


... You have no idea how these words ministered to  my hurting heart. Thank you again. Tom Pa.


...Thank you for your encouraging message...It gave me great hope and inner strength. I will gladly keep you and your church in my prayers. Senya C.




...Only by the Spirit could you speak so direct to me about my life at this time... Sister Brenda




....Thank you for being obedient to The Lord. I have been in a storm spiritually, concerning my business lately and your word from. The Lord helped so much.I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. Del Pa. / Corona, California USA




...This came at a time when I needed it so much. Thanks. Helen J.




...Everything you said, we have been going through. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord, because we now have strength and confidence that the Lord is on our side and we are going to get through the storm. Ryan & Brenda Ph.




.... I thank you for the words they are very uplifting and encouraging. Mr. Lyndel Re.




....You have no idea how encouraging this was for me in this season of my walk. I will begin the new prayer journey for the counties of Romania within a few days along with the partnership I have with Sibiu, Hermannstadt, where there is a Prayer Center.We will have the first all night prayer and worship night this Friday and there has been intense warfare all week  and so your prophecy for me was right on target!!! Jolean Rice




.... to day i was crying  with broken heart ...and i was asking questions my self when the day will come that I will be healed and do the ministry.. I cryed like any thing but god gave me the answer through your mail... it was amazed and wonderful that god comforted me through his words and thank you for praying for me and for the ministry ...Esther D.




...we live thousands of miles away from one another, the Lord used you to encourage my faith and life during this season... this prophetic message depicts this season of my life andministry with great precision, and encourages me to journey all in Jesus name... I am an African-American (black) pastor who lives in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of the United States and a missionary who travels to different nations of the world as God opens the door. Pastor Ronald W. Parks , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




... We are right now sending out our third church this year to Tr. Mt. We have been in a battle, busses breaking down, some guy named B. stoled money and a truck from us and now in court he is trying to say that I am scamming people. So pray for him. Their is so much going on I could write you a book. Thank-you very much for that word. It really ministered to me. In His Service Pastor A.




...Thank you for the timely word. It was much appreciated. David D.




...The word is very appropriate, and thank you so much for sending it to me. A much needed Word in the difficult time. Pastor Siga M.




...thank you Pastor, The Lords Word has come to me this morning through you ....they have given me great strength in which I do need today. Laureen T.




... I have been praying for God's encouragement from someone out of my circle of people. There is not a single sentence that didn't directly apply in a profound way and spoke to all that has occured. I Thank You with all my heart, soul, and spirit for your obedience today....I know by the word given that you know and serve with all sincerity the precious Saviour.. Rheta O'N. / Glendale, Arizona




from Ghana


...Thank you very much for allowing God to use you to speak to me. I carefully read your mail and I am comforted. I nearly gave in the things of God but you have encourage me.Rev. A. Ay.   Northern Ghana




...I must thank you for this timely message. Evangelist Anthony T. from Ghana




from Nigeria


...thanks for your messgae and may God bless you. I still want to invite you to Nigeria for a programm, okay. Pray about it and get back at me... Pastor David Am. /Nigeria




from India


God spoke to me through this. Pastor John Madhiyazhagan. Chennai (Madras)




...I received this mail in right time. I am blessed to see this mail that Lord directed to pass on HIS blessings through your precious words. Pastor Rao.vkvr / Andhra PradeshSouth India


...You always are one of the blessing encouragers. Because you are one of the God’s chosen one. Fahimeh Eghtessadi




from Zambia /Central Africa

...It just came at the timely moment. Iam a ordained Bishop with Church of God(Cleveland). ...Things didnt workout.I was so frustrated." A word from the Lord" has really minister to my soul. Bishop A N.


...Your articles are very touching, inspiration and prophetical. You are a blessing to many nationalities. Pastor Joseph N.


from Australien


...The Lord helped me a lot through your words,...becouse to me every word you said hit the target. Petru R. Melbourne /Australia




...You do not know how much I needed this message. I was so broken, and tired of attacks and oppression.... God bless you for being receiptive to give me this message from "Daddy". Gloria S. Melbourne/ Australia




...Thank you for your word from the Lord I personally feel like it was a word in season for my life. We as a church would love to pray for Berlin and believe for God to have His way in seeing people come to accept our Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We also pray for you and all you are doing for Him, that God would give you the strength to face all circumstances you face and that you would walk in His protection and provision all the days of your life.


Christine P. / Hillsong Church / Australien




from Hongkong


...I was blessed with the message you have sent with me. I was cried and just stop for a while just like the Lord is in front of me. Mr. J A.




from Israel


...This was a great confirmation and a great encouragement to my husband and I in our ministry. Truly this is the word of the Lord. Shalom b'Yeshua Ha Mashiach!Kathleen T.




...Your anointed emails during the year have been a great source of encouragement, and I mean that as the timeliness of your emails have brought us through many a difficult moment. His ways are not our ways, to raise up a man such as yourself to touch the heart of a Jewish man!Shalom in His Name S. K.




....thank you and God bless you this word could have not come at a better time. N.E.




from Norwegen


...You have really suprised me this twice with your messages, becouse the message reached me on the really time... Bishop J Pierre B.