Here a few letters, which reach me daily. Pastor Joh.W.Matutis




from Somalia


Dear Pastor,


I thank God for all that is doing in me through his servants like you.  You are a Prophet indeed. I was almost giving up on one of the missions to Somalia, but now, things are changing. You are the third person to confirm my ministry in Mogadishu.  Hey, I have no words to describe the Joy that is in me after the almight speaks again. I will contact you later. God bless you and greet the church. Alice.


from India


Dearest Pastor. Loving greetings to you in Jesus Precious Name.I thank you very much for your e-mail sent to me yesterday. I do not have worts to thank you for such an encouraging texts from the Bible. Realy it touched my heart and encouraged me very much. Kindly remember me and the ministry in your prayers are my humble request. I am Pastoring a church here in the city of Kolar Gold Fields which is 100Kms away from the city of Bangalore India. And we have 24 branch round the state of Karnataka ,Tamil Nadu and in the state of Andhra Pradesh. We love you, if you do have plans for the missionary trips abroad, you are most welcome to come to India, and preach for us and minister to our astors in the Pastors conference etc..


We Love you.Thank You. Pastor.Neol John M.




Greetings from America!
Thank you for obeying the Lord and sending me this great and wonderful  prophecy. I know and accept it as word from the Lord. Our theme for this year is "Raise the praise" and intensify the prayer.  Everything that the Lord used you to say to me was right on point.  It encouraged me so much. May the Lord continue to use you to be the blessing that you are is my prayer.
Sincerely, Rev. Helen



I look forward to the prophetic words of the Lord to you...I feel that He is speaking directly to me and I am so grateful.  Thank you for sharing this ministry with the world outside of Germany.  God bless you.  Lorraine.


I just wanted to let you know that your messages are a blessing. Really a lot to think about there!  Blessings, Kathy Malo






Thank you very much for these kind words which we receive frequently. We appreciate it very much.  They bless us immensely. God bless you and your ministry!


Alex Ph. /INDIA




Dear pastor,


....that message was so apt and encouraging to me . May God bless you


Arun. Ra., Kerala, India.






from Sri Lanka


Dear Pastor,


I got a beautuful message sent by Him through you. I love to know more about your ministry. Because I feel that this is the time for His people to be united and take His message of love to the world. When I come to Europe surely I will visit you and and your people there to enjoy the love of the Creator! May He bless you and all that you love and your ministry!!!!


Wa. / Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.




from East Africa


Dear Pastor shalom!


Thank you for your Reply. For sure the whole world knows the history of Berlin. We can easily tell of all the descriptions that you have just made,it can really be hectic Ministering there. However we serve the Mighty God! and we know for sure that where Sin abound, grace abound much more. I have a pentecostal Back Ground,I was born again in the Assemblies of GodMission  Church,the one from the USA (Springfield Missouri).Parents were from long time ago Elders in our Local Congragation, and By God's Grace I was brought up in a Godly Back ground.Ten Years ago The Lord put it in my heart to start an Independant Ministry. I am Currently involved in Evangelism and Church Planting here in Africa, especially in the Great Lake Regions and East Africa. We are also invoved in some ministries with some Independant American Ministries.


I am Maried to one Lovely Born again Wife. We have not yet had Children but we are planning if God wishes to have 4 Kids. I will keep you posted on all the informations that concern us and our Ministry.
 Thank you so Much. Yours in his Vineyard.   Rev. Jo.


from Nepal


Dear sir Joh W. Greetings From Nepal, thank you you your lovely email I God blessing I weting and  looking God blessing it is .


I praying you and you are  man of God. God will  bless you and family. Please pray for our Church and Bible college and ( N E T) Nazareth Evagelistic Team) we have vision to Reach out unreach group of people in Nepal 20010. Please help us pray for situation in Nepal. God can bless us to preach the Gospel of Christ in all  Nepal and the world ( 2 Timothy 4:22).


Your faithfully servant in Christ , Pastor R. Ch. / Kathmandu Nepal


from Canada


God Bless You Pastor: These words where again very timely and also very true or this moment. I will take these words as a great encouragement...God Bless you and your ministry. Dean




Thank you so much dear brother! God bless you and everything you put your hands to!


In Christ, Cherie-Lynn H. / Highridge AB. Canada




Pastor Joh


Thanks for messages, was like a shower. I pray that you also be watered as you do this for others. And even now in a dry season may get a good harvest in His Vineyard. Bless you !


Sorin Di. / Canada




from Uganda


Dear Johannes W. Matutis,


Thank you for the message and am encouraged for God's glory. Its always better to meditate about the birth death and resurection of our Lord ad saviour Jesus Christ. This renews our inner man for a new journey in the spiritual realm for victory.


I will organise and visit you in Germany next year 2008. ....My heart has a zeal to minister to God's people in Berlin and its my prayers i come and set captives free within your country side.


Our church mission too is praying for you.In Christ love  Rev. Dickson & Allen R.


from Africa


PASTOR JOH MATUTIS,Servant of  God your  Prayers do come at the right time. God has blessed us with a Land  and we have built a church Auditorium on it. Indeed God  has heard my prayer. We are going to have our convention by November titled OPEN GATE. KEEP PRAYING FOR ME AND THE CHURCH. I wish you visit us this Convention I love to see you.






from Nigeria


Compliments of the season to you Pastor, i receipt with thanks your message of encouragement to me, it is really inspirational.However, i am sorry for the delay in replying you it is due to my tight schedules in the office. I pray that you will always have more for me in Jesus name. Amen.


Remain blessed in Jesus name. Warm Regards, Brother Tobias John, Abuja-Nigeria




Thank you Pastor, your message have really made me know that God has confirmed his words to me this morning. May His Holy Name be praised in Jesus name Amen.


Thanks may God bless you real good and strengthen you in the work He has called you to do in Jesus name Amen.  Regards E. (Abuja Nigeria)




from Philippines


hello Pastor!


I have just open my email, while reading the message God bestows unto you, God spoke to both of us, my wife and I. Truly God is good and source of strength blessings. Thank you for that message and God bless to the minstry God entrusted unto you.


Pastor Ro., Dapitan City, Philippines




from USA


Dear Pastor Matutis, Thank you very much for your encouraging e-mails.


....I often pass them along to others. If I ever visit Berlin again, I will come visit your church  (now that I know about you).  Your e-mails show your great love for the Lord and I rejoice that you know our risen Saviour Jesus.  Thank you for your faithfulness to spreading the good news and your determination to share Jesus with unbelievers in such a big, crazy city!


Sincerely, Jennifer Koe.




Dear Joh,


Amazing, thank you. I am particularly blessed because God is doing an amazing work inside of me, I cannot even explain why I am not getting upset, distrurbed by thingS I would ordinarily get upset with. I know God has a plan and I am in waiting, I am not doing anything big and taking the bull by the horns anymore...You see, I am a doer but now it is time for the Lord to do in my life. I have taken the wheel but waiting for Him to steer, I am positioning myself for His navigation to proceed. Thank you once again for confirmation.


I received another prophetic word this morning for me not to do anything "big" and just wait on God to do what He needs to do with my life. Praise God, I give Him all the glory and honour! He is powerful and more amazing than we ever imagined!


Kind Regards , Britt




Thank you for your word of encouragement. Gods Word always enlightens and strengthens.


I've been praying for the feeling to come back into my mouth as I had some teeth removed over a week ago and am left with what appears to be nerve damage. I know my God is bigger than any nerve damage or swollen places in the mouth. I give Him praise for healing me and I'm patiently waiting for it to manifest into the natural!


God bless you , Jen


Good morning brother. Yes this message has blessed me & I thank you for passing on what the Lord has said, Amen . Sister Maude




Thank you so very much for sharing this Word from the Lord today.  I was very much blest from reading it and it speaks to my spirit about present day things.  I got a witness of confirmation while reading it and thank you for being obedient to HIM.  God Bless YOU Brother, LeAnn A.




Dear pastor John, greetigs in the name of Jesus our Lord Jesus. Thank you for thinking about me and for such inspiring messages you have always been sending to me. You are such a blessing to me and to the body of christ. Your commitment is not in vain, keep on serving our master there is a great reward in Heaven.


I believe God is doing some thing in the body of Christ these days. I was amazed when you said that you will be having Revival meetings and open air crusades thewhole month of August. Even in our church we have declared August a month of prayer , fasting and revival.


So as we pray for you, pray also for us.


My wife Julienne greets you. God bless you indeed. We love you John. Stanley Kab.




Thank you, Joh...this just :"hit the spot" today for me!  I am richly encouraged! Blessings to you, dear brother... In His love, Doris Ta.




Hello, Pastor Matutis.


... I know Phil very well. I wanted to write to you to tell you that your Word from the Lord brought tears to my eyes and soothed my hurting heart. God is so good and faithful. My husband (Ruggero) and I asked the Lord last night in prayer to send us encouragement and bring us miracles this week. This Word is an answer to both requests and fits our situation exactly. It has greatly encouraged me and will encourage my husband when I have him read it. May the Lord bless you with big, fat blessings all the days of your life.  Susan & Ruggero Fa.




Pastor Joh, It was good to hear from you. You always encourage, and I enjoy hearing from you. May you be truly blessed by God. Deb K.




Thank you so much. I really needed to hear these words to make it through this day and trial I am in. Blessings, Bill Yo.




Dear Pastor Matutis,   You have surely blessed me this morning  for our Lord has surely spoken to me through you; even those scriptures He gave  you have such a special meaning to me. There are not enough words, nor time, to  tell you how very much I appreciate your obedience to Him.   We have labored long and hard in  applying God’s creativity and our efforts to a special and unique project and  are very, very close now to seeing a tremendous miracle unfold.  Even as we draw nearer, the opposition  grows greater, with the enemy trying to plant many doubts in many ways.  


Thank you for your faithfulness and  obedience in relaying this ‘Word from The Lord’.  The Lord has used you to strengthen and  encourage me to persevere... and given me a much needed breath of fresh hope.    In His  fields, Jack Sh.




I would like to thank you so much for all of your encouraging  e-mails, your prayers, and your messages from our Father, God!  They  always come in just at the right moment, and I believe they are truly  messages for Rick, and I, from God!  I have not lost my faith, and  keep going on, and keeping my faith!  


And, as Rick is still a new  Believer, I have been strong for the both of us, in every way, but  especially where our financial problems are concerned.  


And, my Father keeps teaching Rick that HE  WILL PROVIDE FOR US, AND NOT LET US










Thanks very much!? I was in Berlin last summer for "Calling All Nations" playing with Brian Doerksen. I would love to live in Germany sometime if I could find the right job.? I am an oboist and orchestra conductor and have a Doctorate in Music degree fro the University of Southern California, so if you hear of any teaching or conducting positions open, perhaps with a Christian school, please let me know.


My vision is to conduct classical music as worship, anointed by the Holy Spirit. I've had a number of prophetic words about this happening in Europe, so I'm waiting to see what doors God opens up.


We will be in Switzerland next month and I'll be staying on a bit longer to visit friends.


Thanks again -- I hope to meet you sometime. And I loved Berlin, by the way -- wonderful city!


Blessings , James






Pastor Matutis, Thanks for your prayers.


We are here in a Christian Service but at the moment we are going through very serious financial battle.  We also need Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  We feel that we are serving God by our "flesh" and not by His Spirit. PRAY for us, please. Sa. & Sh. So., New York




Hi there from here; Thank -you so very much for the words of encouragement. I have been under attack due to the open door the Lord has given me where I work Friday & Saterdays as a volenteer, in a "Care & Share" store. I pray for opportunities to share the gospel & my testimony of all our wonderful Lord has done for me.


I could just give you a big pure hug for being obedient. It makes me realize I have someone who cares enough to cover me in prayer. I don't have that in this house.Thank God by blessing me with your words from Him. I love you in Christ for taking time to hear & obey the Lord. I have been pressing in to what the Lord wants freely to flow through my life and the enemy is mad because one by one the ones I've witnessed to will never forget what I've told them. The word says His word will NOT return void.


I'm trusting God for even a greater breakthrough for he knows the desires of my heart.


A divine involvement in my life is about to happen for miracles, the Glory of God will be manifest and many will believe and be saved.


Blessings ,  Love in Christ Anna M Ho.


Dear Pastor John: Greetings from Houston. Thanks for the encouraging e-mail;. God bless you. Mark Br.




God bless you John, we look forward to maybe meeting you if I get to Berlin   someday.


 Pastor John L. / Sacramento, Ca. 95823






Dear Pastor Matutis, Thank you for your e-mails, I read every word of them and am blessed.


Kim Bo.




God bless you Pastor!  It was wonderful experience this morning as I read the Words that the LORD gave you! Wishing you a wonderful day in Jesus ! Deb.Be.




Dear Pastor Matutis - I will be writing you from my personal email at....Your messages to me have brought life, encouragement and a new resolve to continue this walk. Thank you for your obedience. I will write you soon. Kelly By.






Thank you again for your word from the Lord, it was very timely and just what we needed to hear. Isa




Hello Brother , Thank you for the words of encouragement. It is so fitting for us right now. PRAISE GOD.. Mary Ann Ko.




hi pastor matuis, ....i thank you for your word you shared that the lord has giving you! i have been going through a lot in my life, and was feeling hopeless,staying in bed all day,and letting the devil win in my life. i felt  like i really had no hope, no talant. i'm 30.and havent acomplished anything....i'v been going to church,but was still feeling like why i'm i even here.....i know i must keep my eyes on the lord! that this must be a test......please keep me in your prayer!  also for my twin sister. she has been getting seizures the past couple days and was in the hospital.she died , and they had to resesitate her.....i thank the lord that he gave her life back to her......if you can pray for her also! that will be great.....greatly apreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  your in my prayers too !!!!! i pray the lord blesses you mightly!!!!!   love christine.










Dear Pastor Mutatis, Thank you for listening to the Lord and encouraging the body of  Christ.   Thank you for your letters of encouragment.  The last one was of  special significance to me- it came at such a critical moment, when I was really  needing to know that the Lord was with me.   right now I am praying about making a big move to go to a bible  training school- If i go, i will need to leave next week.  I need a word  from the Lord to stand on, to know whether or not I should take this step of  faith.  Will you pray for me?   I need clarity but feel so uncertain  right now.   Thank you, Estee




Dear Joh, Thank you for sharing with us what the Lord put on your heart.  It was kind and encouraging. Your taking time to write is a tremendous blessing. Kelly Shields




from Caribbean


Hi pastor John.


Thanks for your word from the Lord. I woke this morning and the Lord led me to fast. I'm seeking His face for a number of things. I will not take these words lightly. They are for this moment of time in my life. I live in the Caribbean. May God continue to use you for His glory. May W.




from Hawaii


Dearest Pastor Joh,


So blessed to receive a word from the Lord by you. Gary and I are waiting for our property to sell so we can go to California where the Lord is sending us. The past 28 years in Hawaii has been great but it is time to go. Please pray for the sale of our 7.78 acres, 2 houses. We are ready to leave.  Father I lift up Berlin to you. Keep the peoples eyes always seeing you so they come to the Revival. Block their eyes from seeing the things that may draw them away from Revival. Use Pastor Joh as a powerful healing force, send more angels to lead people into the church, use the angels to draw their swords for battle, cutting off all hindering chains, ropes and bonds that stop them from reaching the church. Open a new doorway in Pastor Joh's church. Glorify your Son with his rightful inheritance. We ask that you send down everything to Pastor Joh NOW every thing that has already been reserved for him in heaven for the future. Send it NOW Father, Send it NOW Father. Say Hi to Heidi, has see seen any more angels in your new church. Sincerely Pastor Valerie Ro., Kona Hawaii




from Belgium


Dear Pastor John,


I just wanna thank you for your very encouraging words.  I really needed such words, and one of my friends too..I sent it to him, and i know he will be encouraged too..thank you so much!...  Your sister in Christ, Rose F.




from Italy


Dear friend, Thank you for the blessings, continue and fallow in His steps, teaching and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and healing all who are oppressed of the devil. Acts 10:38


In His Steps, Rev. Tony C. / General Overseer, C.A. Ministries (Italy-Kenya-Ukraine-South Africa)




Dear brother John, thank you for your message, it was a great blessing to me and my family. May the Lord blesses you and call many people in Berlin to His salvation. In the love of Christ that joint us, Vince.




from Romania


Praise The LORD! Thank you, in JESUS Name, brother Joh Matutis! We pray continualy for each other. John I. P. / Cluj-Napoca, Romania




from Nepal


Dear Pastor, Joh.W.Matutis, in the Lord Jesus Christ. Greetings and thank for your love and email letter to me continuous. I am from Nepal with three chidren. I love to know about your ministry for Nepal and in Nepal. Actually Nepal is waiting you and your prayer. If you have budren for Nepal please let me know. I love to hear from you Pastor.


Looking to hear from you soon. God bless you. Joyfully Serving Him Pastor, Pr. & Elisa Th.  / Nepal






from Pakistan / Karachi


Dear Pastor Dr. Joh.W.Matutis, We thank our Lord to give this great oppourtunity to glorify His living name. Thank you to pray for us. We will be pleased to send you some copies of your message
in Urdu language after the publication. We do feel blessings by the reading of this message and we believe that the people, Readers, will be blessed too. We are praying for you and for your writing ministry of the word of God.  Amen


Your brother and sister Pastor Is. F. Kh. + Mrs. L. Is.




from UK


May the Lord bless you and enlarge your territory, and bless your family and all that you do for him. Jack McKee






Dear Johannes , Thank you so much for the word of encouragement - for us in our ministry this is as a direct word from the Lord! Be blessed. We love you


Katie Morris / for David Hathaway




from Africa


Thank you for staying in touch with me.Exatly yesterday somebody and particularly a christian brought me to court for a very stupid problem. I was so chocked but the lord gave the vistory this morning. Indeed Gd is good, and once again thank you for your messages. God bless you abndantly ko. lazare do.








Thanks for your e-mail, God was speaking to me, I'm in a time of testing and i thank the Lord now for every thing, please keep it on, how are you and the family? Uganda is just fine' think of coming and and share you faith with us over here, i minister to safe rock community fellowship in a remote village and i run an orphanage home' pray for me i need volunteers and people who can come and we preach the gospel to the ends of the world. Please write me back, Se. G. Jos.




Thanks for you words of prophecy to me. May god use you more and more to reveal his mind to his people. Hearing from you, Rev. John Ok.




from South Africa


Thanks for the messages of encouragement. Keep up the good work - you are a blessing! Mike Young , South Africa