Dear Pastor Matutis,
 Thank you for this wonderful word from the Lord!  It spoke directly to me!  I thank God for you obedience to Him and for you sharing what He has told to you.  May God richly bless you.  I hope to come to Berlin someday and visit with you.  I am praying for you and for the work of the Lord in Berlin.  Please pray for America.  We desperately need a move of God here......Michael Ed.

Greetings in the name of the Lord, Brother Matutis!
Thank you for the Word from the Lord!
Indeed, there is darkness over America. People, (Christians) are leaving
the "old paths" and going after the ways of their own thoughts and
imaginations. But, my friend, God keeps score! As for me and my house,
we serve the Lord of the Bible.  For there lies my hope and my trust is
in the One True Living God. Even as the world around me is in an
upheaval--evil everwhere-- i stand steady on the Word--We serve a loving
and faithful God who cares for His Children and One that will lead us
and guide us today and all our tomorrows.
Be blessed of God
In His Love
Mable and Patrick

You have no idea how much the Father has been good to me.
I also want to thank you for emailing me, my love for Germany is so deep I truely weep for my beloved Germany and appreciate you..
Please whatever support you need please ask.
I do ask you to pray for me in that I aaplied for my German citizen which I once had. 



Thank you Pastor Matutis.  I am praying and thinking about you  also.  Your
letters always come at the right time.  God be with you,  always.  Rita

Greeting brother Jon
Thank you for your prayer I need it and want to send it back to you standing together in the name of Jesus/Yashua
May He be with you and all those you minister to,may He guide your steps and give you the strength you need to stand up for Him in these trying times.Pray for all of us here in America because there are still many Christians but our country is sliding into bad times and I feel we have a limited time left before something horrible happens and if Our peoples do not repent of the wiket ways we are doomed to fall! I hope you have been to our church site as the Holy Spirit has drawn many peoples to it from all around the world? I have your site linked on our links page and hope peoples come to it to see the work your doing there in Germany? I will keep you in pray and keep in touch.Jimmie W . Warren

The Lord Bless you for sharing what He gave you for me!  He has given me similar scriptures recently and showed me where the enemy is attacking me personally as well as members of my family.  I just Praise His wonderful and mighty name for His Love and mercy toward me and my family.
The Lord's richest Blessings Be Upon you as you minister for His Kingdom!
Judie Smith

Dear Pastor Joh. Matutis, thank you and bless you for your email. God is very, very good and He has brought me and Tommy through much. Thank you for reminded us He will bring us through this too...with shining colors. I am praying for you and your ministry and for Berlin, and Germany as a whole. May God's love wash all those in need with His Holy Spirit and bring them to the foot of the Cross. In Jesus' name, amen.



Dear Pastor Matutis,

I am very happy to read what the Lord said about me.I realy appreciate the work you do.
We live in East of D.R. Congo, where I have the ministry of church planting,Evangelism,and making disciples.

Here people are poor.They eat one meal per day, which costs 0.5 usa dollar.
When the Lord gives you my message , I have to be believe  in His word, to live  
a holy live ,and have time in prayer with God  our Lord.

My prayer is that God  opens way for me to meet you ,and hear the word of encouragement from you.The second request is this :  I need an organisation , or a church , either  a person who can  work with me  or to support my ministry.Please pray for that.

Looking to hearing from you soon ,
May God bless you as you serve Him.
Sincerely yours.
Luvao Jer.

pastor johannes,
thank you so much...for the word from the Lord..iwill wait upon and hold on to his promises!!