Thank you Sir, for your most kind words of encouragement and prophecies that
have greatly encouraged me here as I work in India and Nepal as a Medical
Your words have up-lifted my spirits  on many occasions as we battle devils
and spirits of ignorance and evil in this place.  Please keep me in your
prayers as I continue to labor for souls in this difficult region of the

Loving you from India, Dr. Thomas Dulan MD



thanks pastor John,
I realy appreciate the words from God you send to me, they speak direct into
my actuel situation, so I can hear Jesus answer me. thanks brother in Christ
Jesus, also thanks that you have me in youre daily prayer, may God bless you
for that, I need it to, because if you read the words you send to me, then
you read about my situation rigth now. I can see that the Holy Spirit reveal
it to you. I wish that I could vissit your church, may the Lord open the
doors if He want it to happen. - Im not alone, Jesus realy take care of me,
and surround me with the wonderful, happy and peaceful love of His, - All
Praise, Glory and Worship to our Lord and Love, Jesus Christ - may the Lord
take care of you and youre loved ones, protect and strengthen you, - fill
youre heart with His Love, Healing Ligth and deep Joy, and open doors for
you everywhere, its my pray for you !
- Marana-tha,  Jan M. - DK.


Pastor, if only you knew how very much the word from the Lord means to me today. I have a great disappointment in my gentleman friend, and he has been harsh, arrogant, and self-righteous when I have tried to talk with him about it.
When I was at church today, I so struggled with my hurt. My temptation was to vow that I would not allow my friend to hurt me again. But, I was convicted that the Lord was not pleased with my attitude.
It's very discouraging to deal with this guy because he is extremely "conceited" to borrow your word.
And yet, the Lord has not given me permission to remove myself from his influence.
And now, Sunday evening, I received your word in an email.
And it helps me very much as I struggle with my hurt and my confusion as to how to be obedient to the Lord but also to navigate all the "crazy making behavior" dumped on me by this so-called friend.
Thank you again, Sharon Ad. / USA


Dear Pastor Mastitis,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus our Lord, I have been reading your articles for a long time and now I am going on to victory.

Dear pastor I am very interested in teaching than preaching, for this very reason I need to study more. Can you please assist me in this area?
Rev. Moses Se.


Pastor Joh.W.Matutis,

Thank you for your email. You dont know how much God has used you to speak to me. I am in training to become a military chaplain and I have felt God has withdrew and in a sense left me out on my own. I have been praying for something from Him for many months and tonight I receive this email from you. The words were exactly what I was needing to hear.

Thank you and God Bless!
LT. Christopher C.


Dear pastor John, thank you so much for such powerful and encouraging
message. I was thinking exactly about that this afternoon. God Bless
you and thank you very much for your mighty and much needed prayers.
God bless your wonderful country Germany. Juan Carlos Be.


Pastor Matutis,
Thanks for your loyalty and obedience to the Lord. These words you sent me were meant for me. I have been going through the lowest point in my life but I believe that God had not forsaken me. I had a pastor with the Church of God for 18 years and a Bible College professor for 5 years and in August 2007, I decided to quit serving God as a minister in a full time capacity and/ or role. I have continued to read his word, go to church, teach sunday school and keep in touch with God's servants. Thanks for listening to God and allowing him to speak to me through me. Please keep me in your prayers and God willing I will get to visit your church in Berlin. Thanks and God richly bless you.
In Christ Service, Brother Steven


Dear Pastor greetings from Pastor Samuel India.
i was blessed by your word.
thanking for sending me.
Samuel  / India


Amen, Thank you pastor God bless you for the vision you got, we will
spread it, pray for me Sarah from Namibia.

Thanks, Sarah Da.


Thank you so much for the prophetic word. Let the Lord continue to give you more revelations as you meditate upon His word.
God bless Pastor Lu. (Kenia)


Thank you again for your messages.  
You are a blessing in a time of need.  
May the Lord bless you.
Dick and Ann in SA