Dear Pastor,

With tears i write this. Thank you so much Pastor, the timing of this
message was just perfect, God is never too late, never too early but spot
on time AMEN !
His ways and thoughts are higher than ours and he truelly is an Awesome
Thank you so much and i will continue to uphold you and yr Ministry thru
prayer and I pray that you too will pray for me for I need to truelly align
myself with the word of God & to walk by Faith & not by Sight.
(To make His business my business that He may make my business His

May God continue to Bless you and your Ministry and May he continue to use
you powerfully for His Glory alone.

Best Regards,
Michelle.D. R.

This was so timely for me - came at the perfect time.  I have just been diagnosed with cancer, but know God will get glory out of it.  This morning a niece accused me that I had cancer because I have bitterness - and I don't think I do.  She really almost kicked me into my grave it hurt so, but God keeps bringing verses to me over and over - all day long - that are really comforting me.  One thing He said to my heart was "Satan is the "accuser" and so she is just repeating his accusations - and that shows where her heart really is.

You may understand part of a vision I had last week at sunset.  There were two large clouds lined in black and the black linings slowly started to be replaced by a very wide band of beautiful gold, the sun appeared from behind the largest cloud and turned a rosy red with many rays and "spokes" coming from it, as the sun started spinning very very fast.  Of course we know what the blackness of the cloud linings turning to gold means - that His Light can take away the darkness and the sun always replaces the darkness with His light.  The spinning is something I have been trying to understand.   I believe the rosy color is the color of His blood mixed with His sweat and tears.  We forget about the sweat and tears, but they were a very significant part of the crucifixion.

What do you think about the sun spinning  ??   It could mean He is going to act very fast in the last days - or something similar.

Love your messages, please keep them coming.

Merry D.  Houston Texas
Dear Pastor Matutis,
     Thank you for sharing the message our Lord impressed upon your heart about how everything that our Heavenly Father does He does for us on the behalf of our lovely Savior the precious Jesus.  It is all about Him!  Bless His holy name!
     Your e-mails are always an encouragement and blessing ... thank you for being sensitive to Lord and following His direction to let the "body" know what he is revealing to you.
     Current events are pointing more than ever to His iminent return ..... even so, come Lord Jesus!
Blessings to you and yours,
Bro. John
Athens, Ga.