Daddy Joh.W. Matutis,

you are blessing to us here in Ghana, with the  Internet-Bible-School .Paul A.

Thank you for sending this prophetic message to me. I want you to know that it has spoken to me and everything that I have been going through in my life.
I know that it is God's Word to me, as it has been a guiding light and a rudder, to guide through the stresses and problems I have been facing. It came at the right time and moment, when I really needed to hear from the Lord. He has proven every word to be true, as I lived it out, on a recent business trip that I had to take unexpectedly. I reflected on the message, and remembered to watch and allow him to help me through every situation and problem that I faced. Praise God!
He used this time to restore my trust and faith in Him and His Word and has made me grow even closer to Him. I was writing in my journal about everything and wanted to review this message again as I face new challenges ahead. I needed to let you know how it touched me, and give all the praise and glory the the Lord!

Thank you for your obedience and faith in the Lord. I don't know why you started writing to me, but I thank God for that! May he bless you and your ministry continually in all that He does through you.

 Matthew 11:15; "He who has ears, let him hear."
Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dean


Hello Pastor Matutis,
The Lord has used you to bless my life in an amazing way since July 2008 when
going through one of the darkest days of my life, I found a message from the
Lord through you in my inbox.  He keeps using you to encourage me and show me
the way to go.  Please keep up the good work of serving the Lord.  I am still
waiting for the Lord to fulfil His promises to me and to heal my family and I
know He is faithful to accomplish what He has started in my life.  I will keep

God Bless You so much


Thanks for these bible courses Pastor. They're very enlightening and upbuilding for my spirit and soul, helping me to become thoroughly furnished. God bless you and your ministry. Please keep me in your prayers.
Shalom Shalom.
Yours In Christ,
Solomon E. V. (USA)


I have read the prophetic words on you web site for the past several years
and they have are wonderful.
I just wanted to encourage you that you never know who you may be reaching
and where. Fight the good fight, carry on.
I live in the state of New Hampshire in the United States. I was in Germany
back in 1988 down in the southern part, Baden-Baden,  Munich.
Warmest regards in Christ


Thank you Pastor Matutis, my name is Chidi A., your prophetic word from the Lord was just for me. It touched me in every area. I received the entire message it was meant for me. Thank you very much for sending it at the proper time.

Chidi A.



Hello Pastor John
Wow, this morning  got up grabbed my oil and just prayed through my house crying out to God for my household and the household of my children.
This is difficult time for me. I have not worked in 2 years because of injury to my knee, I have been through hard times because of this, physically and financially, and I was crying out to God about all of these bills and my health this morning.
So I prayed through my house sanctifying it once again and I just sat down waiting to hear from the Lord and I got online and first thing I got this email from you.  So many of the things I was praying about God answered in the word, it seems as if this word was directly spoken just for me. Hallelujah!
God is so awesome and amazing, I feel so much better after reading this word. God reassured me through you. Thank you Thank you for sending this word out. I know I am going to make it through this trial, I will not loose my home, Healing will take place in me and my family, I am falling more in love with God everday, My ministry will recover and be even greater than before!  Praise the Lord!
Ok, I am going to pray through my home once again, God is so great. I just can't stop crying, tears of Joy for my Lord!
Also I have a cousin living with me now, He is a new beleiver, drugs and alcohol have ruined his life. He gave his life to the Lord last year and is sober now for a short while. He needs deliverance from all the hurts and pains that made him use alcohol, drugs and pornography in the first place.  I believe I know, just like me he grew up with not one person on this earth to Love him, that is why he was using those thing. I am so happy I chose Jesus as a child. I have my issues also but I never turned to drugs and alcohol like so many of my family memebers did. His name is Ronald G. Also I have been praying for  years for my cousins Roderick S. And Ariane A. to be set free from the demon of Homosexuality. I don't know if you pray  or have people to pray but if you do please remember me and the people I have just mentioned. Thank you again so much.  I can't even tell you  how the words you sent out have lifted my heart and spirit this morning. It is all ready all right!  Thank you Jesus, I love you Father, you are worthy to be praised!
Pastor N.