Dear Pastor Matutis,

Your prophetic words are greatly appreciated.
Great blessings!

Thank you for your inspired words of God's wisdom
I appreciate your faithfulness in working in and through the Holy Spirit to
speak to
and inspire us.

Sincerely yours,
Luta S.  "Gloria"


Thank you so much for this powerful message.....I was really blessed this morning

For over a year or two I received your powerful words,  I scheme through and do not really see the true meaning of what I read.
This morning, when I walked from home to work, me and my husband were discussing  a situation I took so serious I was tormented all through the weekend. After keeping quite for a while he told me," do you know what will keep you at ease when you go through such problems, "The Word of God", you may find it boring to read bible and pray, but it really does work miracles. I was taken by surprise, because I don't see him doing such either, none of us do......thus was so amazed to hear from my husband who was someone I consider being so arrogant, and not easily to be convinced.

When I received this email, I was touched and blessed.

Please pray for me and my family

Thank you once again



Thank you for this wonderful message. Would you please pray...

I have interest in your bible school.

Kathy  G.

Oh, this was so good and refreshing to me. Thank you for these letters. God bless!

Rev Jerry B.



Pastor Johannes, ( My Berlin Pastor)
Greetings from Los Angeles we think of you often and you are in our prayers. It is good to get you updates and things the Lord is saying to you, Thank You.
I recall very clearly the last time I was at your church and the very important Call God placed on your life and ministry in Berlin. I pray that you are walking in the fullness of His spirit with His Grace and Love spreading every you go and in every one you meet. I look forward to being able to rejoice with you in the future about all God is doing in Berlin and Germany.

Please give my greetings and love to your wife, sons and family it was great to be able to talk to Cornelius and his wife about the birth of their baby.

I pray that you will be built up in the power and favor of God.
Your Brother in Christ, Phil



Hi Pastor,
Always thank you for forwarding the messeges You get from the Lord.  ....

 Thank you and God bless,
John C.

Dear Pastor Matutis,
I loved your letter about "Do not drink out of every spring or pond' - save the Spring of Living Water.  It was short, inspired and inspiring and very helpful in telling others too about our Lord - the only Way, Truth and Life.

Your sister in Christ,
Pearl B.



Hello Pastor Matutis,
God has been using you since 2008 to send me timely prophetic messages that have really helped me along the way.  Last year's 29-day word saw me through the whole year which was very difficult.  I would read the word for each day till day 29 every month and was encouraged to keep looking unto Jesus.  This year, I have been waiting to hear what the Lord has said to you but I have not received anything.  Do you have a prophetic message from the Lord for 2012?
God Bless you
Lucy (Botswana)